• thank you for reading my article an like how you connected it to your personal life too

      • Thanks alot for reading my blog I like how you took a direct quote to prove what you were saying and made it stronger

          • I see what you are talking about and i agree with you because you talk about people without insurance but also undocumented people who also fall into not having insurance. You have a really strong ord and i think that if other people saw this they would also really think about it others would like to also assist you with this.

          • Dear Nahum,
            I see what you were saying all that you wrote about has evidence and statistics that support it but you talk a lot of police hiding behind their badge when they use force on people and that is one of my main questions when police ask about and I.D to someone they need to see more because they are disobeying police and dont they also…[Read more]

          • A place For Everyone    According to Huckmag K-Dub did hard work to build from the ground up skatepark in Oakland after there were only just a few and also a way to bring the community together. (ht

            • Manuel,
              The idea of building areas in which skaters can go in Oakland is a great idea. It is not an uncommon thing to ban skateboarders around city areas. People tend to associate skateboards with disrespectful kids who vandalize everything. Even though this stereotype isn’t always true, it is one that is very real. That is why I think the idea of building areas where skateboarders are allowed to go is a great idea and one that should be put into action soon. The building of skateparks would be a service to skaters as well as one to the city as they won’t have to worry about the potential problems of skateboarders. I am interested in hearing more about what you have to say on the topic.

              Additionally, here is an article about some of the benefits of skateparks.

              The Top 6 Benefits of Public Skateparks

              -Alexander Nuntapreda

            • I agree, the skating community has been placed down by many because the public believes that skating is a breeding ground for crime. Though in reality skating is a positive activity that push kids to go outside. I believe illicit behavior occurs when the youth has nothing to do or nowhere to go. Skateparks give the youth a safe location to perform and socialize with others in their community.

            • I completely agree. The stereotypes and generalizations of skateboarders being criminals, drug users, and dangerous people is an unfair and inaccurate assessment of reality. Skateboarding is an art to those who practice it and can lead to entire careers and professions. The idea to implement more areas for skaters to go is great and something that should already be implemented in areas like this.

            • Dear manuel. ithink that your post was pretty decent. A line that stood out to me is” In many public places in Oakland and the Bay Area, people screw metal rods in cement blocks where people sit on to prevent them from riding on top of them, but Oakland doesn’t do much or spend money on skateparks. That’s why people skate around the city because they don’t have anywhere else to skate around” because you had made a good point an that point actually makes sense. I agree with u because your a skater and you feel strongly about this.keep it up.

              • Thanks alot for reading my blog I like how you took a direct quote to prove what you were saying and made it stronger

                • Dear Manny, I think your post was really great because you explain a lot how there are no skate parks in Oakland. A line that stood out to me was “The city has nice places so people go there but also ban skateboarding so people don’t do it which is dumb because its a public area and people take items like backpacks purses and bicycles there so why would they not let people use skateboards there”. This line stood out to me because you really have and argument because you think it’s dumb that people ban skateboards on areas even if they are public areas. I agree with your point about how there are rarely any skateparks in Oakland because I drive with my family a lot around Oakland and never see any skateparks. I think that there should really be skateparks for children to go to so they don’t have to skate where people wouldn’t like them to skate. Thanks for writing and keep it up you are really doing a great job.

              • In my shadow box all the objects have my identities because they have my assigned identities as well as a chosen identity. I added paper to the box and tried to make it even. I added red white and green paper to

                • I appreciate how you represented where you are from and made that the background of your box. I also have a Mexican background, and it is important to be proud of where you are from. It shows respect to your ancestors and family members. and “I needed to add this because that is one of my assigned identity because I was born being a male.” I think it was important that you added this because gender really shows who you are a person. Why do you love to show your identity as a gamer? Your box was very fun and creative to see. Remember to always stick up for your background and what you believe in!

                • Hi! I’m a student at SJSU and I wanted to let you know that I think your shadow box is phenomenal. I like the way it expresses who you are, where you come from, and what your interest are. It gives me great joy knowing that you are proud of who are you are and what you like to do because that is very important in life and I wish I had that sense of pride when I was your age. Great job again and have a great school year! 🙂

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