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    Social distancing while in quarantine

    Hello community, As we all know there is a big global outbreak of the Corona Virus and we have been told to stay indoors and do social distancing. People are being asked to stay inside because the Corona Virus is...

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    • Hi Manuel,
      I liked reading your post. It was informative and well though through. I agree more people need to take part in wearing masks when they go outside. They are endangering themselves and others. What scares me the most are the people who are asymptomatic and think they don’t need to wear a mask. Your other point about staying indoors is okay. If people did wear masks when they go outside then everyone wouldn’t need to stay inside as much. Unfortunately since a lot of people don’t wear masks outside then staying inside would be safer. Do you think that we as a society will have to do everything at home because of COVID-19? Here is an article I found that could help you further your ideas.

    • This was a very well researched essay. Well done. This serves as a nice presentation of much of the current information we have about social distancing and I think that could come in real handy, especially now that businesses are being open across the country. As you mentioned, a fair few people don’t wear masks or social distance which is a problem. Historically, it’s tough for our nation to come together on a certain issue and it baffles me that this is somehow no different. Your essay is a nice way to show how objectivity needs to win out for this to work.

  • thank you for reading my article an like how you connected it to your personal life too

      • Thanks alot for reading my blog I like how you took a direct quote to prove what you were saying and made it stronger

          • I see what you are talking about and i agree with you because you talk about people without insurance but also undocumented people who also fall into not having insurance. You have a really strong ord and i think that if other people saw this they would also really think about it others would like to also assist you with this.

          • Manuel commented on the post, Abuse of power

            Dear Nahum,
            I see what you were saying all that you wrote about has evidence and statistics that support it but you talk a lot of police hiding behind their badge when they use force on people and that is one of my main questions when police ask about and I.D to someone they need to see more because they are disobeying police and dont they also…Read More

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