As far as I know discrimination against women began in the beginning; I’m going to say in Biblical times, although I know there was a time before the Bible was written.  In the creation story, Eve lead her

    • Interesting idea Marjorie! I want to dress your use of the story of the Fall of Man from the Bible. I fundamentally disagree with your interpretation of Genesis Chapter 3. You state that you’re not sure that Eve even knew about the rule of eating from the tree until she mentions in the conversation with the serpent, but do you believe that that truly excuses her mistake. She still states that God had said not to even touch the fruit from the tree in the middle of the Garden, but yet she is tempted by the serpent.
      The story of the Fall of Man is a faith story, and is simply used to explain natural phenomenon so the argument that God’s punishment of painful childbirth is far more inhumane isn’t very sturdy either. This was an observable thing to the authors of the book of Genesis and therefore you cannot argue that God’s “punishment” is an act of discrimination against women. I’m not saying there is no discrimination in this Genesis, as God also says that the husband will have dominion over the wife but it’s not like one day a bunch of guys decided “We’re going to make the Women listen to us and say God made them do it.” This sentiment was most likely cultivated over hundreds of years, and probably came from the fact that Women are the natural caregivers to children, seeing how they birth them and nurse them and all that. While that doesn’t mean that Men should have dominion over Women, and as time went on I’m sure the role of Men grew and the role of Women shrank due to this. I don’t believe that it was because men could lift more or run faster, but was instead due to the fact that during the growth of the child, especially at a young age, Women had to be around the child more in case it needed anything and so it would be harder for them to travel long distances, chasing a deer. I’m not at all saying this justifies discrimination but it is most likely the original cause of discrimination.

  • Today, I completed the portfolio badge and submitted it for approval. It was very fun to complete and I learned that I like to take my time and make sure that all the pieces are together before I submit any work. This has shown me the importance of planning and reading the instructions very carefully.
    I also learned that I need to think more…[Read more]

  • During the first 2 days, I experienced some great students who are enthused and excited about writing. They are full of ideas and zeal; I love that!

  • Today Naiara suggested that as a topic we consider how writing empowers our learning. We all loved it and agreed to make it today’s group topic.

    We had a great first session today. Thank you, Mamoun, May, Muyar, Naiara and my amazing co-teacher, Marjorie! I am looking forward to an inspiring three weeks.

  • There are many things that empower learning but I think writing has a specific type of benefit. In the writing process, students are encouraged or to think about what they are writing about and how they want to express those thoughts. It is purely a personal process or transaction where the writer is thinker and therefore the thinker is able to…[Read more]

    • Welcome, Lona. I’m thinking we can use this space instead of Google Community for reflections on learning and questions and connections.

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  • Oh my goodness, I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the components of this project. Excited and eager to get started, yes but also anxious about striking a healthy balance between our goals and student interest and

    • Lona, Your words, “While it is important that we provide a somewhat structured and rich learning experience, I don’t want to forget that the students’ agenda is of equal value in determining what that rich experience will be.” rang so true to me! They echo my thinking as well as my questions regarding our plans for the 3 weeks. I know our planning has already started to come together so I am excited about the plans and the possibilities!

  • Justice, what is justice? It is hard to see a disadvantage using such an open ended question. It is generative and can send one in different directions. What is justice in the school system, in rural America and

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