• Hello,
    As an Indian, I totally understand and feel for the people without AC. In India, where temps are super high, some of my family members don’t have AC, and honestly, I don’t know how they do it.

  • Hello Curtis,
    It’s funny really, because the phrase, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” is definitely being challenged here. You say that it negatively effects the poor, the environment, and health, yet you don’t actually provide any evidence toward it. I don’t want to look up any counterclaims at the moment, but if you do…[Read more]

  • Hello Ruben,
    Your summary is interesting, and I’m thoroughly intrigued. This might be my summer read.

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    This is very interesting. I honestly never really thought that meditation worked, or it was something that my mom would do because it was “eastern”. I might have to give that book a read to see what it was all about.

  • Pavan wrote a new post, Winter 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    Amazing, describes the winter scene

    All fluffy and white, and so serene

    When snow would pile up, and blizzards blast

    For children to play and laugh after it passed

    Oh Winter, you were not long at all


    • Dear Pavan:

      I found your poem, “Winter,” really sweet because even though I’m ready for the summer, this poem reminds me of all the warm fuzzy feelings of winter.

      One part of your poem that stands out for me is where you say, “Your length is laughable unlike spring or fall,” because I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say. Winter, despite being the coldest season, also happens to be the merriest and warmest season. I guess winter is so much fun that it seems to past faster than the other seasons.

      Usually I write poems that make are more emotional and less environmental so i’m glad to be reading a poem that makes me feel merry inside although it is spring.

      Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next. Please write more heartwarming poems!

  • A Rainy Day:


    big, wide, wet



    cover the black



    reflecting the street



    and the colorful


  • Pavan commented on the post, Hugs 11 months, 4 weeks ago

    Hey Matthew,

    This poem made me feel warm inside. It was a very moving and heartfelt poem.

  • Dear Kimberley,

    I love how you included that race is a societal agreement. Even the scientific community agrees with this, as it’s biologically proven that there isn’t enough of a genetic disparity for people with different skin color to be classified as a different race.

  • Pavan wrote a new post, ISO Stafford 1 year ago

    I was five.

    Most children hate moving

    and I was no exception.

    I was five. I was scared,

    of having to subject myself

    to a new environment,

    a new way of living, and a

    new way of thinking. I was five.

    When I

    • Andre replied 1 year ago

      I really liked your poem I also hated moving when i was at a young age because everything was different.

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    Firstly, when you say that, ” cops feel more privileged and believe they have more power and they have trust issues between the community and cops,” are you just assuming that all cops outside of Oakland are like this? It seems that this kind of generalization is dangerous, and it’s what your accusing the cops of doing, but don’t you see it as a…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    Yes, it may be that people “copy” singing styles, but where does it say that a certain voice is proprietary? Some labels that signed on African American singers often had other Americans sing in a similar style to appease another market. I guess you could make the claim that Racism was a factor of it, but the labels weren’t doing it purely for…[Read more]

  • Hey,
    I might be late to this party, but I think that animals are incapable of having rights. I say this because they don’t know any better and can’t understand what is or isn’t animal mistreatment. Most people treat their animals with care, and I think that instead of having activists or trying to encourage people to change their lifestyle to…[Read more]

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    Hello Autumn,
    I liked the vivid detail and the serenity and simplicity of your life story that you showed in this poem.

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  • This seems really interesting, especially that documentary. What was it called? I’d love to give it a watch. I’d definitely love to see another post based on your research, just like Adam.

  • Hey. This seems really interesting, but you don’t seem to have any sources. I’m just wondering, because I’m questioning the legitimacy of this, or rather, you’re pushing a narrative that the American country hates immigrants, to which I would have to simply disagree.

  • Wow. Hard to believe how wasteful it is to produce meat. Are there any farms that are trying to be more environmentally responsible, and taking measures to help reduce any long term effects from this?

  • This is interesting and all, but how long do you think it would take for such a system to be implemented. The thing about using animals is that, although the Tox21 can predict the outcome, that itself is the problem. While testing on lab rats (or any lab animal), we get to see some of the side effects since we have an idea on how it may affect us,…[Read more]

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