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    I agree with your post and thoughts but I believe that we have many opportunities to all be equal. However I don’t agree with the cooment you made about women are more likely to graduate college more than men. I believe that both genders have a high and equal chance to graduate collge.

  • One person who means a lot to me had asked me what my future looks like and if I know what I want to do. He was talking about how he has his already planned out. I did to but I told him that I wasn’t quite sure.

    • Makenna, this post was very accurate as it is true that people should accept you for who you are and that if they don’t, others will come along who do genuinely care for you as a person. Another great thing about your post was how you explained that things in life don’t always come easy, but you didn’t exactly tell about how they related to your topic of “Who do I want to be?”. Your ideas are all there, they just have to be connected in a more meaningful way that relates to your initial question. I found an article that relates to your question, and I hope that it helps. Thank you for sharing this post, and I look forward to what you have to say in the future.


    • Hi Makenna,
      I think everyone can relate to your post in some way. I think until people are able to accept us we must learn to accept ourselves. Once we figure out who we are as individuals and gain confidence it becomes easier to meet new people and establish friendships. I think this part in your essay, “you are strong and in the world we live in today, you have to be strong not as much for others, but for yourself” is very true. We are our own worst critic. We need to be strong, we need to get used to rejection and hardships because unfortunately they are a part of life. I like the end message of your essay. The most important thing is to be true to yourself. I want to hear more about how these hardships you’ve gone through have shaped your life in a positive way.
      Thanks, Tess

  • This is a good topic. But my thought on it is that we do have stereotypes and as a country and individuals, we all make them. They shouldn’t affect us though. As long as yourself knows and understands that a stereotype about you isn’t true….it shouldn’t matter.

  • Caleigh,
    I loved your post. It really spoke to me. I think it is incredible that you got the opportunity to experience going to another country and getting to see and live in Thailand’s culture and environnment. It was very interesting to read somewhat of what it is like their. When you said that they somehow seem happier despite having to do…[Read more]

  • Hello. My name is Makenna Nowling. I am a very funny, unique, kind, and friendly person. I am also very sweet. I was born on February 17th, 2000. A turning point in my life was when I met the most important person

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    Hailey, your post was really inspiring. I have a personal connection. I don’t have a younger sibling but I had to be my own role model until I was about 15 and finally found a great role model. I basically basically had to raise myself and take care of my mom. I was and still am kind of like the parent in my house.

  • Eric, I can connect to your post. Being a high school student as well as a teenager, I experience a lot and understand your post well. Your post really inspired me. The way you worded your post was awesome!

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    Alzahra, I am intrigued with your post. I was also inspired. I like how you stated things to do or as reminders. Those are all good things to hear in the morning or even throughout the day. At the very end I really like how you said, “….you mean to say that after all you’re just going to let people be the reason to change you”

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