• Hello. My name is Makenna Nowling. I am a very funny, unique, kind, and friendly person. I am also very sweet. I was born on February 17th, 2000. A turning point in my life was when I met the most important person

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    Hailey, your post was really inspiring. I have a personal connection. I don’t have a younger sibling but I had to be my own role model until I was about 15 and finally found a great role model. I basically basically had to raise myself and take care of my mom. I was and still am kind of like the parent in my house.

  • Eric, I can connect to your post. Being a high school student as well as a teenager, I experience a lot and understand your post well. Your post really inspired me. The way you worded your post was awesome!

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    Alzahra, I am intrigued with your post. I was also inspired. I like how you stated things to do or as reminders. Those are all good things to hear in the morning or even throughout the day. At the very end I really like how you said, “….you mean to say that after all you’re just going to let people be the reason to change you”

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