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    Your statement strongly acknowledges both the potential and limitations of Al when it comes to language arts. While Al can generate interesting and potentially useful art, it can also struggle with connecting various pieces of information and replicating writing styles accurately. This highlights the importance of understanding the current…Read More

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    The comment where you highlight the powerful impact of language on our emotions and well-being really interested me! Words can be used to build someone up or tear them down, and verbal abuse can be particularly damaging because it attacks a person’s sense of self-worth and identity. It’s important to recognize that words have the power to hurt and…Read More

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    While it may seem like Al is doing all the work, it’s important to remember that Al tools are only as effective as the input they receive. Students still need to have a deep understanding of the topic they are writing about and need to provide the Al with quality content to work with. Additionally, using Al tools can help students learn new…Read More

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    My Notation of AI

    Before: Working with Al in Youth Voices is a transformative experience for students and writers like myself. It encouraged me to use my critical thinking skills and empowered me to engage with complex topics in new and innovative ways. Through...

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    The ways in which racism and violence against black people are justified by societal preconceptions of them are crazy. These preconceptions defend white communities, including the pupils at Starr’s school. How does grief have a way of alienating you? What are the invisible losses of losing someone? 

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