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    Dear black wall street.

    Black wall street. A place where black people thrive. A street where their greatness showed. A street where bonds were made. A street that was home. What happened?  What have the people done to anger the white man?  A anger that ruined the bonds, the greatness,...

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    I enjoyed this piece, it was very detailed and carefully written. My favorite sentence “For many years our society blatantly applied a negative connotation to black people’s skin color; a thought process that the black community subconsciously adopted
    .” I’ve personally never thought it out like this, but it is true.

  • Hello! This was made and posted for a grade. These are not my personal beliefs. This was made for a fake classroom trial.

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    Mock trial - America on trial

    What steps have been taken to reduce racial disparities in the criminal justice system? Good morning everyone.Thank you for your attention to this matter. I am here in defense of The united states of America. As a defense attorney, I...

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    • I enjoyed reading your post, the featured photo was my favorite part of your post overall. The whole idea of America breaking out of the chains and being free.

    • I really liked your idea of how America is breaking free from the chains that it’s in. The picture is super cool, also.

    • I love the idea of your message and he concept of America gaining freedom and escaping its bonds.

    • I agree that there has been so much done in an attempt to enforce equality in all aspects but I still do feel that there is always room for improvement.

    • I believe you made a lot of valid points. You mentioned that there has been a push to reduce mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenses and to offer alternatives to incarceration, why do you think this has been pushed and is this changing anything for the better?

    • why did you choose these questions “ How could we be accused of mass incarceration if slavery isn’tisn´t legal? And the Jim Crowcrow era is far gone?”

      • Hello! This was made and posted for a grade. These are not my personal beliefs. This was made for a fake classroom trial.

    • I like the message you are trying to convey, as well as the idea of America breaking free from its limitations and the picture is cool.

    • I really enjoyed the part where you said America is breaking free. It is a very powerful quote.

    • This was an interesting take. I like the intent of this piece but think execution could be even better.

    • Very interesting approach, defending something that you don’t believe is hard to do and you did good with backing up your claims. What were some challenges you faced while writing in this perspective?

    • Fascinating take on this topic. It was interesting to hear your point of view.

    • I like that you said “America is breaking free” and the image well represents that.

    • Your statement that “America is breaking free” is effectively expressed by the artwork, and I enjoy that.

    • You have an interesting point of view on this topic, do you think your personal experience can make you biased?

    • The illustration really connected with the statement “America is breaking free”, was it hard writing from a different viewpoint? If so why?

    • I just read someone else’s Mock Trial discussion from your school and am very intrigued by how this turn of an idea that addresses such a broad and unnecessarily controversial topic came to be. What did you do to prepare to write this discussion?

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    My body is my temple. (home metaphor)

    desert temple by Jose Morell The inside is always warm–always welcoming. I spread my kindness everywhere I go–everyone I see Spreading positive like a disease My body is my temple I try to make myself as unnoticeable as possible but it's hard It’s hard when...

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