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  • MaiaI

Hi Sarah! I enjoyed reading your post because I have never learned about Blue Zones before and I found the topic really interesting! The inclusion of a variety of statistics was very helpful in comparing the diets of Blue Zones to the diet of Americans. It put into perspective how...

Madison, I am interested in your post because I share a similar stance on this topic. I also think that school has evolved into a system that prompts students to merely strive for passing grades instead of grasping the material that is taught. One thing you said that stands out for...

Hi Julia! I was interested in your post because I am fascinated by the influence of language and how it contributes to the connections we form with other people. I like how you focused your discussion on one specific language, especially a language that is unique due to the fact...

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Non-Religious Pilgrimage View Comment
  • @MaiaI
  • November 2, 2020

Izzy, I was very interested in your post because it takes a perspective that one may not usually think of in regards to pilgrimages. People usually think of pilgrimages as religious journeys, but as you discussed, they place a heavy emphasis on self-reflection and realization. I like how you connected...

Hi Miles! I very much resonated with your post because I agree that climate change should not be considered political. It is something that is actually occurring, and it is a very serious problem that needs to be addressed by those in government. I like how you included graphs and statistics....

Hi Caden! I was intrigued by your post because I agree with the assertions you make. I also think that this topic is extremely relevant today, especially with it being a presidential election year and in the context of recent events that have occurred involving racial injustice. I like how you...

Hi Abdul! I was very intrigued by your post because I, too, think that four-day work weeks are a good implementation to the lives of students and businesses. I was fascinated by your perspective on this topic as a Muslim, and I enjoyed reading how a four-day work week would...

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A White Man’s World View Comment
  • @MaiaI
  • October 23, 2020

Jenna, I thought that your post was very interesting to read and is especially relevant to what’s going on in the world today, specifically in America. I like how you used the Constitution as your main point of reference, as well as other events in history that directly discussed injustice,...

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