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  • Hi Julia!

    I was interested in your post because I am fascinated by the influence of language and how it contributes to the connections we form with other people. I like how you focused your discussion on one specific language, especially a language that is unique due to the fact that it is not verbal. You did a good job of defining what ASL is,…Read More

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    Maia wrote a new post

    How the Vulnerability of Language Connects Us

    In our everyday lives, we use words in some way, shape, or form, whether that is speaking, reading, or writing. However, these words have comprised the 7,000 languages spoken worldwide (Shashkevich), each with its own unique dialect, accent, or...

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  • Izzy,

    I was very interested in your post because it takes a perspective that one may not usually think of in regards to pilgrimages. People usually think of pilgrimages as religious journeys, but as you discussed, they place a heavy emphasis on self-reflection and realization. I like how you connected pilgrimages to change. It’s interesting t…Read More

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    Maia wrote a new post

    The Hardships of Pilgrimages

    In the early beginnings of our humanity, people have embarked on pilgrimages. For example, in the Old Testament, prominent Bible figures like Moses and Abraham have led God’s people on journeys to various holy lands. Ever since, religious and...

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  • Hi Miles!

    I very much resonated with your post because I agree that climate change should not be considered political. It is something that is actually occurring, and it is a very serious problem that needs to be addressed by those in government.

    I like how you included graphs and statistics. It helped me see visually the various impacts on…Read More

  • Hi Caden!

    I was intrigued by your post because I agree with the assertions you make. I also think that this topic is extremely relevant today, especially with it being a presidential election year and in the context of recent events that have occurred involving racial injustice.

    I like how you honed in on the point of America being “The G…Read More

  • Hi Abdul!

    I was very intrigued by your post because I, too, think that four-day work weeks are a good implementation to the lives of students and businesses.

    I was fascinated by your perspective on this topic as a Muslim, and I enjoyed reading how a four-day work week would impact something that is so valuable to you.

    Our school…Read More

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    Maia commented on the post, A White Man's World


    I thought that your post was very interesting to read and is especially relevant to what’s going on in the world today, specifically in America. I like how you used the Constitution as your main point of reference, as well as other events in history that directly discussed injustice, both of race and gender. I recently learned about t…Read More



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