• I am the daughter of two immigrants. Before my parents decided to make the 8,500-mile journey across the world, none of my relatives had ever stepped foot off their homeland. My ancestors could only dream of a

  • Every immigrant comes to America with a purpose. Some come with the hope for a new life, better opportunities or the hope to fulfill the American Dream. Esmeralda Santiago, however, came to America with her family

  • Hi Matt,

    I agree with you and believe that we all should have access to free health care. However, like you mentioned, as of right now it is just not possible, while it may be in the future. There have been steps that have been taken, such as free health seminars and other similar events. When you said “…health care for very serious illness or…[Read more]

  • Hi Kelsey,

    I definitely agree with your argument, and I especially liked your first paragraph. When you said, “We tend to focus on ourselves more than on others or on society as a whole”, you made an extremely valid point. Often times in America, we find that when dealing with important issues we put ourselves in the other person’s shoes, but…[Read more]

  • Everyone has their own definition of what it means to be American. Some might say that this is the land of the free, the land of opportunity. Others were raised with the principles of being honest, respectful, and

    • Hi Vibha,
      I liked your post! I liked when you said that it was history that helped shaped this country into what it is today. I also liked that you said honesty is something that Americans value.

    • Hi Vibha,
      I like how you emphasized that hard work and dedication is part of being an American. I think it’s interesting that America is like a salad bowl, because we are all different from the choices we make.

  • Hi Penelope,

    I completely agree with your argument and I believe this issue has become much larger in recent years. As of right now, it might be a little difficult to issue a nationwide or world wide ban on bottled water, but there are definitely some steps we can take before that. Touching on what you mentioned, the importance of recycling could…[Read more]

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