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    Public School, Private Dollars: An Education Arms Race

    Link to article: Article Summary: This article focuses on the very large donations towards schools in higher-income areas from those families, aka the private dollars that public schools may never receive. Public schools must live off of government dollars,...

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  • I completely agree with your opinion. There needs to be open discussions in the classroom, amongst students and their peers. It pushes for awareness, widened perspectives, and encourages open perspectives. Understanding where the people around you are coming from, and being able to have a conversation with someone of an opposing view in order to…Read More

  • I fully agree that the government can be slightly shady in times. Roe v. Wade is a classic example of this. It feels as if we went back in time, reversing the good laws put in place. This was for sure a result of the elected republicans, against abortion. Learning the origin of abortion is very important in educating yourself about this matter,…Read More

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    How are you influenced by your family?

    The environment within our family, in which we spend a lot of time around, deeply influences our emotional development. The article I read, explains the way our behaviors, mentality, and impulsivity are affected by our family environment and the...

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    • Dear Magnolia,’
      Your post made me think of society today and how they are influenced by their parents. I think it´s really important for people to make their own pathway. Something I wonder is if you have ever felt like your parents have influenced a decision you have made.

    • Dear Magnolia,
      Your post made me think of how society’s parental styles are affecting kids today like with technology. I think parents are be more on the uninvolved side of the article letting their kids on the internet all day. Something I wonder is if our family influences is what start general trauma.



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