• After concluding research on Odd Future and formulating a rough paper, alternate sources of information were utilized to finish off the final assignment. One of the most beneficial sources I was able to find

  • I too believe Katniss was a good child daughter as her main goal was to help and protect her family. Katniss main concern, regardless of outside pressures, is to aid her family in whatever problem they’re facing.

  • I think this is a great topic that could also be related to academics. I believe mental toughness could significantly help some students in a transition from sports to school to show them the challenges faced can be beaten with persistence.

  • Ask any high school student, and they’ll likely say they know what Odd Future is and may even be able to rattle off some members of the group or a few songs. Yet the question remains: what makes this group of

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      This is a very interesting topic. A lot of the members of Odd Future have left the group to pursue solo careers. You may want to research if there is as much interest in these solo careers as there was for the group. I agree that their sound is very “blunt” and I’m very curious what interesting things you will find as you continue your research.

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    I think PED use needs to be addressed in professional sports considering the recent years of scandal affiliated to doping. Despite the guidelines and committees dedicated to combating drug use in pro leagues, i find it interesting that athletes are still able to beat the system.

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    I really like that you’re doing a paper on this. I feel like the Aztecs as a whole are briefly acknowledged in tenth grade history and then considered irrelevant for the rest of our time. Whereas in reality they have such a lasting influence on Latin American culture and will continue to do so.

  • The prolific rap group that is Odd Future has held and continues to hold, tremendous sway with today’s rap-centered youth. Despite the hordes of white suburbia offspring picking up skateboarding and stocking up on

  • Something that has been of interest for me lately has been the majority opinions on death shared by Americans, particularly regarding abortions and capital punishment. To me it seems like a one or another opinion.

    • This was a very interesting article and you brought up some great points! In my opinion these issues are not the same. When a women has an abortion the fetus is usually a ball of cells at that point and cannot feel pain. Some argue that it is not really a human yet.On the other hand there is no debating that you are actually killing a human in the case of the death penalty.

  • In blunt honesty, I agree with you. My father is Native American, my mother is Polish. I’ve grown up surrounded by mascots and jokes about my race. But I haven’t taken offense to it. I believe that political correctness has created such a bubble for our society, that people are unable to function in the reality of the world we live in. Racism is…[Read more]

  • I understand and agree, America was founded and has grown upon the backs of immigrants. I don’t think Trump will actually build a wall, rather just create stricter immigration laws. Coming from a migrant family myself, I support immigrants, but I know that doing so legally is the best way to go about it

  • I can relate to this as I’ve grown up in a neighborhood that isn’t exactly kind to my faith. Although I never went through extremes, I was excluded from things as a kid and never was a part of neighborhood activities growing up. Being proud of your faith isnt easy, especially when it goes against the majority.

  • Bella I really think this poem is something special. It has a really important message that I feel all high school students need to hear. It’s easy to feel irrelevant and unimportant, but the little reminders that we all matter can make a big difference.

  • Regarding the topic of abortions, I think it’s necessary to regard the issue as something deeply personal and a personal choice. If you were to get pregnant right now, what would you do? Having the right to choose doesn’t always mean that the termination of a pregnancy is going to be chosen, but the right to options is what makes America unique.…[Read more]

  • I agree and believe the address of LGBTQ rights need to continued and placed in a more forefront position in the American news world. The worry felt by the family and friends in the gay community is unmatched, and no parent should have to worry about sending their son or daughter to college or out into the larger world. Equality means equality for…[Read more]

  • Ethically, I think physician assisted suicide should be a conditional issue. Patients looking to it should have to be informed in what will occur and how the process works, along with notification of their family. I don’t think it should be completely illegal, but a circumstantial event.

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    I agree, most people need to see that Gay Rights is more than Gay Marriage, but that they should have the freedom to live on an equal plane as all of us. Because they are just like all of us. Humans are humans, regardless of sexual orientation, religion, or race; everyone has the same degree of inherent human dignity.

  • These are the questions that need to be asked. Considering how all Earth-like planets within our knowledge arena light years away, the concept of living on Mars may be our best bet for future life.

  • Very important and definitely a necessary topic of discussion right now. After the elections play out, what would be the best possible debt scenario America could place itself in do you think?

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