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  • Hi April!
    I loved hearing your take on the current issues and how COVID-19 is affecting education! Here is an article you might find interesting!
    Stay Safe!

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    Maggie commented on the post, Class of 2020

    Hi Sophia!
    This is a great post. We have had a rough go at it but we’ve gained great coping skills!. heres an article you might like that relates to your topic,
    Love, Maggie

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    Maggie wrote a new post

    Oh what a time we are living in. Pandemics, earthquakes, plagues of locusts, and documentaries about murderous rednecks with abnormal pets have taken the planet by storm. Recently Netflix has released a

    Big Cats Are Not Big Pets

    Oh what a time we are living in. Pandemics, earthquakes, plagues of locusts, and documentaries about murderous rednecks with abnormal pets have taken the planet by storm. Recently Netflix has released a documentary series titled Tiger King, that revolves...

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    Maggie wrote a new post

    Teen Vaping

    It’s no secret that the use of nicotine products has skyrocketed among teens in the past ten years. Although vaping is considered a “healthier alternative” to smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco, what are the negative effects of using these...

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    • Dear Maggie,

      I am interested in your post because… Teen Vaping is something that is very major that is happening in the world right now.Teens should read this post because it is something that can help with any vaping addiction.

      One thing you said that stands out for me is: “envision a world where fewer adults use cigarettes.” I think this is interesting, because… Its showing that Juul is targeting teens and younger adults

      Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time with a friend that was actually very into vaping and smoking.I would tell him to quit because it will come back to haunt him and ruin his body.He failed a drug test and was caught and after we talked about it he quit to better himself.

      Thanks for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next because… This post was very interesting and can help some people

    • Dear Maggie,
      I really enjoyed reading your article on vaping. I picked this one because i liked the photo you chose. You did a good job getting my attention. I also agree with you, vaping is a really big problem among teens. I liked the way you used a lot of facts in your writing. You should share this with other people, like maybe your mayor or something. I look forward to hearing more from you.

    • Hi Maggie,
      Thank you for Your information, I agree that the government has published more and more laws for stoping teen vaping, but it is not enough. Vaping is bad, but there is no way we can stop it, the only way is people themselves should be aware.
      Cindy Huang

    • Dear Maggie:
      I am moved about your post, “Teen Vaping,” because vaping can also harm people just as bad as cigarettes. Companies are also making someones addiction worst by making flavors that taste good.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is: “Although many of the harmful chemicals that are in cigarettes are not in vapes, there are many other other dangerous chemicals in the new products.” I think this is good because some people think that just because vaping does not have tobacco that it can not hurt you but their are still chemicals that can affect your body. Thanks for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next,because you created a way for others to think about what can affect your body. I feel that you are good at making a topic that people can argue or think about.

    • Hi Maggie, I saw this and it intrigued me because I know a lot of people who vape and now I may be able to share this to people and have them change there minds or think twice before doing it again. When you said “envision a world where fewer adults use cigarettes” this is just saying that juul and vaping is the next thing and that they are targeting teens and young adults.

    • This is a huge trend sweeping the nation, for teens to vape. Articles like these likely will not help solve the problem, only raise more awareness. The only way that it can be solved is if the teens themselves realize what they are doing is very bad for their lungs and overall health and they decide to stop on their own. Posts on the internet that teens do not like tend to not faze them too much, so we either put a ban on them or directly show them how bad it is for their bodies by looking at their lungs or others who have vaped.

    • We can all agree that vaping is worsening teens health across the country. The problem isn’t the flavors, supposedly targeted towards teens, the issue is with how easily accessible they have become and how new they are. In the past decade vaping has become more and more common for young people and it seems to only be growing. As of now, there aren’t enough studies to show the long term affects of vaping, especially in developing bodies. Until we can have a deeper understanding of what we are really doing to our bodies, we’ll have a rough time trying to curb illegal sales of e cigs.

    • Teens vaping is a big problem and is becoming more and more popular. This is an issue that needs awareness so that it can be handled and this article helps bring awareness to the situation and how bad it really is.

    • Maggie,
      I enjoyed your post and thought you brought up some great points. There is no denying that vaping has worsened the health of many teens. By the company Juul advertising themself with a slogan like “envision a world where fewer adults use cigarettes.” I feel as if they aren’t directly targeting teens. There are many adults who struggle with cigarette use and vaping has helped them. As for flavors, I believe anyone regardless of age could enjoy different flavors. I think the main problem is how easily accessible it is for minors to get these e-cigs and how it has become a social norm.

    • I liked your take on the epidemic of the use of nicotine devices among teens. As a senior in high school, I feel like I have seen this problem pervade teens everywhere. There are so many excuses that I hear used, “just one more pod”, “just a little more juice”, “just one more hit”. Addiction is not a joke and it is most definitely not something to be toyed with, especially not by people whose prefrontal lobe is not fully developed. I thought you did an excellent job of appealing to the logic of your audience by using facts from a reliable source (Healthline) in your article. Keep up the good work.

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    Maggie commented on the post, Abortion

    Hi James,
    I like that you brought up the issue of religion interviewing in political issues. Heres a website that I think might help educate you a bit more on the topic of abortion:
    Have a great day!!

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