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  • Ashley, I enjoyed your post about plastic and recycling. Often times I think we, as humans, believe that it is okay to use plastic as long as we recycle it when we finish. I think you are exactly right in saying that recycling symbols on the plastic do not guarantee that the item will be recycled. Everyone needs to be more mindful about the…Read More

  • Maggie wrote a new post

    To Eat or Not to Eat

    In typical winter fashion, Illinois has been faced with multiple snowstorms leaving behind layers of thick, sparkling snow. Conversely, states on the other side of the country, and not accustomed to the snow, have been mesmerized with the “rare”...

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  • Haley, I really enjoyed your article about the benefits of exercising in regards to mental health. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed and anxious about school or just life in general I will have to keep this article in mind. What especially stuck out to me was the 5 mental health benefits to exercising: depression and anxiety, stress, increased…Read More

  • Maggie wrote a new post

    So Many Options: What is the Best Cell Phone Carrier?!

                 In my last post, I discussed whether or not the new 5G cellular network is worth the upgrade. In the end, I reached the position that it depends on a person's location and their cell phone carrier. But that...

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  • Maggie wrote a new post

    5G: Upgrading or Downgrading?

                In the last quarter of each year, technology companies vigorously promote the newest models of their products, claiming that they are not only "new and improved" but "better than anything ever created before." But how much of this advertising...

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    • Dear Maggie,
      Your article is very intriguing. I never really payed much attention to topics like this but it is very eye opening. Many people blindly believe that one invention is better than the next. I think you wrote this in a way that is very clear to understand and easy to follow.

    • Hey Maggie,
      I really enjoyed reading your post and found the website that you used very interesting as well. As of right now society feels that having the newest version of something, will change everything and make their technological product work perfectly. This is why I like the article you chose because as Segan stated the previous products sometimes work better and are more reliable than the newer ones. You did a great job!

    • Hi Maggie, I really like your article. It’s extremely informative and well worded. While reading your article, I learned that the 5G isn’t necessarily the best to have right now because there is quite a few disadvantages to it. You explained the use of 5G in-depth which helped further my knowledge of it.

  • Lauren, I totally agree with you! My family and I were just talking about how predictable Hallmark movies are. I really liked how you added the point that the cheesy movies reduce stress. At a time when we are all overwhelmed and filled with stress it is relieving to know that Christmas movies can help. Overall, this is a really strong post and I…Read More

  • Ashley, I really enjoyed your post about the salary of professional athletes. In the midst of the pandemic as an avid baseball fan myself, I have found myself debating between the same question; however, I never considered the companies behind the players. While personally, I cannot see the salaries changing in the future, I believe the wages…Read More

  • Maggie wrote a new post

    The Power of an Evolving Language

                Language is one of the most powerful tools humans obtain, yet it is often the most overlooked. While there are many different ways to correspond, language is the most straightforward form of communication. Although there are multiple languages, they...

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    • Maggie,

      I am very intrigued by your post, especially because of the clear and informative way you described the power of language and its effect on the modern world. The way you organized your paragraphs, transitioning from old language to new language—new in a more modern sense—was very captivating.

      One thing you said that really stood out to me was the sentence, “The beauty of this tool is its ability to continuously change to conform to modern society’s needs.” The continuous, ever-changing nature of language is something that I also think has a certain beauty to it. The concept of a language changing over time as our society changes alongside with it offers a sense of connection.

      This idea reminds me of history class, a simple idea, yet it carries a lot of deeper meaning. Similar to historical events, language can also reflect what a certain time period felt, or even influence future events, which is a concept I find really cool. History and language fall hand in hand in a way.

      I look forward to reading more of your future works, as your take is really interesting and informative!

    • Maggie,
      Your post about the evolution of the English language is interesting because of the intuitive nature of common language used in day to day life. I am particularly intrigued by your comments on code-switching and how you code-switch in your life. I found a magazine article ( that highlights how code-switching is embedded in our culture nowadays and how it is sometimes essential to “fit in”. It states that code-switching is done out of habit for concern of how other perceive us, which is an eye-opening statement. I code-switch merely based on which group of friends I am talking to proving how vast the English language is and how different people utilize it on a situation basis. Thank you for taking the time to write about such an intriguing topic and I look forward to other posts!

    • Maggie,
      I liked how you shed light onto this subject. Thought it may seem obvious to some, language is always evolving & ever changing. This is very prevalent when watching old movies, TV shows, or even talking to an elder. I like how you incorporated code-switching into this paper. I never thought about how people code-switch when it comes to the Internet, but it’s very true. This is important because many people may put on a facade on their social media accounts but act completely different in real life.

  • Madison, I love the way you constructed your post about pilgrimage. Your diction was sophisticated and clear and the way you broke up the paragraphs made it easy for the reader to follow. I especially enjoyed your use of imagery in the first paragraph and would love to read more in the future!

  • Maggie wrote a new post

    Society’s Empathy in Times of Restriction

    Empathy is one of the greatest gifts that we, as humans, can have. It is the emotional bond that connects us with our family members and friends. While the way we express our empathy towards others may be different,...

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    • Maggie,
      I agree with your point that the way we express empathy is continuously evolving as society adjusts to new problems such as coronavirus. I also like that you identified a specific way how people are adapting and expressing empathy through technology. The example of technology being used in hospitals gives the reader insight into things that are currently happening.

    • Maggie, I really enjoyed reading your post. I found it very interesting how you related empathy to technology in saying, “ Expressing empathy currently can be extremely difficult as we are confined to technology as our primary form of communication; however, our society’s creative nature has found ways to counter our restrictions and show support.” I liked how you expressed that people can still show empathy in times like these even when they may not be able to speak with others face to face. Technology is a major form of communication today, and it can be difficult to express empathy while only using technology. I liked how you gave specific examples of how creativity can form new outlets for people to express empathy towards others despite certain challenges.

    • Maggie,
      I really enjoyed reading this! I think it gives a different perspective on the struggles cancer patients face, in general and dealing with COVID-19. I like the idea that using technology can help them physically and mentally in their fight. The doctors can help identify and treat their symptoms using virtual reality. And the patients can feel mentally safe while communicating with their loved ones in a challenging time.

    • Maggie, I really like how you make the point that everyone is different in regards to how we express our empathy and that despite these differences, we all have the same goal: showing vulnerability. It is important to realize that everyone has the ability to show empathy and vulnerability. I also liked how you connected empathy to creativity in society. This just shows that people are willing to do whatever it takes to show support for those struggling and will find a variety of ways to help them. Showing support for those who are having a hard time is a key aspect for connecting with the people around us.

    • Maggie, I really enjoyed reading your post and found it very interesting! I really like how you focused on the positive impact that technology has had on empathy, especially the ability to further communicate through technological advances. I have always assumed that technology would have more of a negative impact on empathy, as it seems to be harder to form actual personal relationships with people in person because of technology, which therefore makes it more difficult to empathize with others. I really appreciate that you opened my eyes to the positive affects technology have had on empathy, especially during these uncertain times. You also did a very good job on showing how this is currently affecting people today!

    • Dear Maggie,
      I am inspired by your post because of the stance you took regarding technology and its impacts on empathy in our present society. Technology and social media often carry a negative connotation when considering personal interactions and sociability now. Your post gave a refreshing and necessary vision of its helpful outcomes.

      One thing that stands out to me is when you say “allowing patients to talk to others is also known to ‘ease the workload of a medical team’.” I think this is an intelligent and considerate addition to your focus on empathy. Technology is providing new opportunities for the patients that would otherwise be impossible under present circumstances, but furthermore, it eases some of the responsibility of those trying to take care of them.

      Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. Once, my godfather was deployed for a longer period of time than he ever had before. My family and I would have extremely limited knowledge of what was going on where he was, and the months he would be gone would hold countless moments we’d give anything to have him be a part of. Having the ability to call him, though, and communicate with him anyway, helped us understand the responsibility he was undertaking and the love that was at the root of it all.

      Thank you for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I appreciate the optimism you radiated in this piece. Your language ties everything together beautifully and makes me want to keep reading. I hope to see more on your understanding of empathy and anything of the like!

    • Maggie, the way you defined empathy as the one of the greatest gifts that humans can have inspires me to think more about the empathy I have towards others. I liked how you explained that we especially need to show empathy when someone is in a time of need, whether it is a physical need or a mental/emotional need. I can also relate your information about empathy in hospitals to empathy in other situations people face daily.

    • Dear Maggie,

      Your post about empathy in times of restriction was really interesting, especially as it is something that is affecting most of us currently during this global pandemic. The positive perspective you took writing this blog post was really enlightening and captivating to read about as well, which is a part of the reason I enjoyed it so much. Your take on technology specifically, in regards to the numerous ways of staying in touch with family members, classmates, and friends, was very insightful and gave a lot of information about the importance of communication and reaching out to others during such restricting times. I especially liked the ending line, “Although using technology is not the ideal form of contact, the new ways to stay connected allow empathy in relationships to stay connected from a distance,“ which displayed the vitality in showing empathy during tough times. Apart from the empathy aspect we are able to show through technology, often, many negative connotations are associated with technology. This line emphasizes the importance of technological devices, such as iPads, like you mentioned earlier in the post.

      Personally, as someone who lives far away from other family relatives, staying in touch is proving to be rather difficult, especially because of the current pandemic, however the use of technology, such as being able to make calls on your phone, is a simple, yet effective way to stay in touch and express empathy. Being able to speak to others helps us understand and relate to them, especially if we are able to from a distance.

      Again, I really enjoyed reading this post! You captured the importance of empathy in challenging times, whilst giving suggestions, such as communicating with others through technology. I look forward to reading your other posts. Keep writing!

  • Paige, I really like the way you incorporated your quotations in a balanced way. They are all relevant to your point and don’t overpower your own words.



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