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  • Miles, I really enjoyed your post. I think it’s interesting how you brought the concepts of social media’s influence and news influence together. I agree with you that the news can have a mental impact on the public whether directly influenced or not. It’s crazy how something made to prevent stress by keeping people in-the-loop has done the opposite.

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    Gender Inequality (Problem Section)

    In a modern world that prides itself as being advanced, innovative, and inclusive, its reality could not be farther away from the truth. The inequality between men and women in the business workforce is anything but inclusive. The absence...

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    • Maggie,
      I really enjoyed how informative your problem section was. Personally today I thought that we have come pretty far to break that barrier of gender inequality but your article made me realize the reality of the situation. People have just gotten so use to the inequality they don’t even realize that they’re experiencing it and some people say they are very equal in their work space just to give them a better look which in reality they are not inclusive.

    • Maggie,
      Your problem section was very intriguing. It did not occur to me that many companies will go to that extent for their image. Women in the workforce deserve better treatment and equal opportunities than men. There should be no excuses for these types of actions. It very devastating to see that no matter how progressive we think we are there are still issues between men and women. I also really enjoyed your hook. It makes your audience think and consider what side they are on.

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly that this is wrong, however, it is not unexpected. This is a function of capitalism. In a capitalist society, men become more powerful. If we do not completely upheave the current system, it is highly unlikely that any REAL change will occur. It can be said, though, that we can still make changes and yes, we can, we have, and we will continue to make changes to our society that provides a more equal playing field for everyone. But men will likely always have a certain power over women in some way, and the only way for that to change would require drastic change that I cannot see happening any time soon.

    • Maggie,
      I really like your article and like the fact that you are shedding light on to this problem. I think your article is very well composed with really good information backing it. I think including different numbers can show the significance and power of your argument.

    • Hi Maggie! Great essay! It’s so important to illuminate issues as relevant and vital as gender inequality in our society. Giving specific statistics to back your argument and further solidify your thesis, I think you composed this essay wonderfully.

    • Hi Maggie,
      I really enjoyed your piece I feel extremely strong about this subject too. The way that you articulated this was incredible you were informative yet emotional and thought-provoking. We think that our country has come such a long way but in reality, we have stayed stagnant when it comes to women’s rights. Your last paragraph was very emotional and powerful. We have to be the ones to step up if we want to see change.
      Very well done.

    • I love this post, it’s very hard to be a young woman and express my frustrations vividly. It’s quite interesting to look at woman in specific careers and the inequalities that differ from different workplaces. For example, women in STEM, there’s not that many and for me personally it’s hard to be confident about having a career in that category because of the lack of women.

  • Ashley, I enjoyed your post about plastic and recycling. Often times I think we, as humans, believe that it is okay to use plastic as long as we recycle it when we finish. I think you are exactly right in saying that recycling symbols on the plastic do not guarantee that the item will be recycled. Everyone needs to be more mindful about the…Read More

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    To Eat or Not to Eat

    In typical winter fashion, Illinois has been faced with multiple snowstorms leaving behind layers of thick, sparkling snow. Conversely, states on the other side of the country, and not accustomed to the snow, have been mesmerized with the “rare”...

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  • Haley, I really enjoyed your article about the benefits of exercising in regards to mental health. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed and anxious about school or just life in general I will have to keep this article in mind. What especially stuck out to me was the 5 mental health benefits to exercising: depression and anxiety, stress, increased…Read More

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