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  • Hi, Anna! Thank you for sharing; I thought your post was very intriguing to read. I agree that today antidepressant use is rising due to how much stress is put on us from a young age. I found it interesting how those who follow a religion are less susceptible to developing depression than those who don’t- despite Mormons. Diving deeper behind the…[Read more]

  • Hi, Franciely! Thank you for sharing. Once we start to think of how far we’ve come in this country, something like this happens in which we are reminded there are still close minded people out there. I agree that anyone should have the right to speak any language they want. Asking someone to only speak English in America is like asking a person to…[Read more]

  • Global warming is not something you can just “choose” to believe in. Global warming is a real issue and its effects can be seen everywhere. It boggles my mind how scientific research to this extent seems to be dou

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    Brooklyn, I found your article very intriguing. I agree this is a serious issue in college and high school, but I think the reason why we have so many incidents involving alcohol poising and other related fatalities is that our society makes it a taboo to drink. Americans make drinking such a taboo that by the time we get the opportunity to have…[Read more]

  • When I come home from school every day, my dog greets me at the door with a big slobbery smile and wiggly-waggly tail. This is usually one of my favorite parts of the day! I’ll set my stuff down and cuddle with h

    • I have a small shih tzu dog that greets me at home everyday and I can validate that I do feel the urge to pick her up and force her to cuddle with me for my own comfort. She doesn’t liked being picked up at first but she definitely enjoys the comfort.

    • I love this! It is so true, I can’t tell you how many times I pick my dog up or other animals and love to hold them and cuddle with them. I thought the facts at the end were very interesting too!

    • Mae, this was a very interesting article. I never thought of someone saying ,”it’s so cute I want to squish it,” or “it’s so fluffy I want to die” as violent, but now that I’m actually considering those words, they are indeed pretty violent. It’s ironic that we use violent-related phrases to explain the joy-filled pleasure we fill when we se cute creatures. I think your post is very informative, and opens peoples’ minds to something new. Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Leo, I am very sorry to hear about the position you are in. I agree it is completely ridiculous that you feel the need to change the way you present yourself according to the area you are in. Everyone should be treated with respect regardless of looks or culture, and we should be celebrating culture not suppressing it out of fear! As for the…[Read more]

  • So often, people say that homosexuality is a trend of the “modern-day kids”, but I’ve always wondered how far it really dates back.  According to this news article, a man’s body, from 2900-2500 BC, was found bu

  • Hi, Jackalyn! I believe American culture cannot be defined as one thing. As a country, we have many beliefs that cross others, but we should be able to overlook our differences and work together as one for a better country. The fight against racism and intolerance has never ended- and probably never will end if we cannot consider what it is like…[Read more]

  • Photo by National Science and Media Museum

    Ever heard a thump in the night or a tap on your window, maybe it’s just your imagination, but what if it’s not? All of the sudden your window shade starts to open by

    • Mae, I thought your article was very intriguing. I have also always wondered if we live in a multidimensional world. I’ve never thought about it in a way that there could be another world that is within ours though. I have always thought about if there was another universe beyond ours. What do you think? Do you think that there is a world within ours that we can’t see? Or do you think there are multiple universes beyond ours? In this article (http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/crux/2014/12/04/multidimensional-universe/#.WchrC0yZO9Y) it talked a lot about time travel, a 4th dimension, and transversal wormholes. It was a very interesting read and has a lot of connections to what you wrote about above. I’d be interested to see if you find more information on this topic and if you do I will definitely read it! Good response!

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