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  • Dear Cristian,

    I agree with the fact that there’s only four years of high school that we have to play and we can’t give up everything now because of the pandemic happening around the world. For many seniors this is their year of hard work and this is the year were they put all their hard work and make it count. Many athletes have to get the…Read More

  • Dear Zhelanea,
    I agree that some people that are over the age of 18 don’t want to vote because they think they wont make an impact to the country. Also i think they should let young kids vote so they can choose the right president for the country. if young people learn how important voting is they will know for whom to vote and they will…Read More

  • Dear Sephora after reading your post I strongly agree with you that voting age should be lower but not to 16 at least up to 17 so those who are 17 and older will have better understanding of what’s going on and know who to vote for on their own. I also agree that those people at age 17 matter and should get the same voting rights as the older…Read More

  • Madram commented on the post, Running

    Dear Inez,
    i think due to the fact of how you used the metaphor about the zombies falling from the sky and chasing you was very good to keep a person running keeping them from stopping. The fact that you used zombies as an example to to keep us running and if we try to stop we know what the results would . it is a motivated story that keeps…Read More

  • Madram commented on the post, Gun violence

    Dear Robert, I agree with you that we should have more stricter gun policy laws. The reason to this is because many teens have not developed you and still have bad habits. This could be a serious problem, we need to set a stricter program to teach those who are yet not developed and prevent them from causing serious problems. We should have…Read More

  • Madram commented on the post, Car Accidents

    Teenegers need to learn all the basics and instructions of driving in order to prevent collisions and accidents. Also teens need to take the test to test their knowledge knowing the risk for driving a vehicle. it is very important for many people around the world to drive safe and know that there are many people that can easily lose their lives in…Read More



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