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    Nurture Defines Our Identities

    The debate of nature vs. nurture has been ongoing for an extremely long time.  Some people believe that both have a significant impact on one’s character, while others believe that only one can affect the traits of everyone around...

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  • I think this is a great topic to explore especially because we are seniors at a college prep high school. We work super hard to get great grades and impress colleges to further our education. I liked your use of evidence as you had many different quotes to prove and further your points about how perfectionism ruins teenagers self image. I feel…Read More

  • The struggle of discrimination against those with mental illness and both the stigmas is a great topic to study today because, as you mentioned, it is an increasing problem that surrounds many people. One of the most targeted groups is probably middle and high schoolers. I really enjoyed your line of reasoning throughout your paragraphs as I…Read More

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    The True Power Source Behind King Arthur

    King Arthur was an amazing legend that many people still talk about today. A plethora of movies, books, and TV shows that revolve around him and his leadership have been made and watched by so many. A common trait...

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    • Dear Madison, 

      I am impressed by your post, “The True Power Source Behind King Arthur” Because yes indeed he was the great king we all know and love but without his faithful friend, Merlin. Merlin may have been his enemy but from what we saw it grew into what is most prized and cherished.  he was the person that King Arthur can rely on and trust,  they became close to one another and this is what I truly admire.
      One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me the most is, “ Merlin helped shape Arthur into the legend people know today through his magic and brotherhood the two created.”I think this is very truthful as is Merlin and King Arthur didn’t get along,  what would have happened to the king we knew.  as well what would become of the king if they were to never know each other in the first place, would he have been the great king we knew?
      I think you for this knowledgeable writing of yours, I look forward to seeing your next because you have enlightened me on how one person can help change another despite being enemies. Another thing is how you wrote and explain the facts about Merlin and King Arthur was very welcoming to read and learn about. 

      Ruby Ochoa



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