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Change in “Araby”

In “Araby,” a story written by James Joyce, the narrator, a young boy, reflects on his experiences and the changes he goes through from the start to the end. With a newfound hope and romantic interest in Mangan, the boy makes plans to go to the bazaar so that he can buy a gift for the girl, ignoring his friends […]

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Jane Eyre as Influence For My Story

Often in novels, characters are what drive the plot forward, allowing readers to immerse themselves into the story, both from how the characters see the world and how they interact with it. After reading the first chapter of Jane Eyre, a novel by English writer Charlotte Brontë, I will attempt to infuse imagery in my writing, especially for the upcoming […]

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A Deeper Look at the Education System

Today’s students are mentally exhausted, and one major reason for this is the education system, specifically the weight of grades and consequently the expectations placed on students to excel. It is no secret that grades are the forefront of the education system, as almost everything relies on these grades, such as attending a good college, which is already extremely expensive, […]

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School Is No Longer About Learning. It’s About Passing.

More often than not, today’s students have fallen into a continuous cycle of late nights, artificial deadlines, and grade influenced mindsets, when it should, in fact, be quite the opposite. In a vastly changing world, the education system is not set apart. Over time, education has slowly transitioned into a more damaging, expectant system, in which learning is no longer […]

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The Power of Language: An Exploration of Literature

It is in language, the ink blotted on a page, the deep rasp of spoken word, or even the swift movement of a hand, that we, as humans, connect to the world around us. Language is a reflection of our lives, and it feeds into our very beings, wielding the power to change the thoughts, feelings, and perspectives held within […]

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Pilgrimages: Then and Now

For most, a clear, stereotypical image comes to mind when visualizing the word pilgrimage: an ancient tradition reserved for Christians, who sailed across oceans on a large, rickety ship, yearning to reach a holy, sacred ground. The concept of a pilgrimage is a notion as old as humanity itself; it was, and still is, a universal practice transcending boundaries in […]

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