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  • Maggie,

    I am very intrigued by your post, especially because of the clear and informative way you described the power of language and its effect on the modern world. The way you organized your paragraphs, transitioning from old language to new language—new in a more modern sense—was very captivating.

    One thing you said that really stood out…Read More

  • Madison wrote a new post

    The Power of Language: An Exploration of Literature

    It is in language, the ink blotted on a page, the deep rasp of spoken word, or even the swift movement of a hand, that we, as humans, connect to the world around us. Language is a reflection of...

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    • Hi Madison! I just have to say that i love your writing. The imagery and movement of it is just so lovely to read and i really enjoyed it. I agree with all of your points, and while it was small, the observation that changing just one word can change everything is just the perfect way to express how powerful language can be. I also love the inclusion of Fahrenheit 451, which I hadn’t even thought of, who’s whole purpose is showing that language is so powerful that people who cant control it will do anything to Stop it. I really enjoyed this piece. It really made me think. Can wait to read what you write in the future!

  • Dear Maggie,

    Your post about empathy in times of restriction was really interesting, especially as it is something that is affecting most of us currently during this global pandemic. The positive perspective you took writing this blog post was really enlightening and captivating to read about as well, which is a part of the reason I enjoyed it…Read More

  • Madison wrote a new post

    Pilgrimages: Then and Now

    For most, a clear, stereotypical image comes to mind when visualizing the word pilgrimage: an ancient tradition reserved for Christians, who sailed across oceans on a large, rickety ship, yearning to reach a holy, sacred ground. The concept of...

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    • Madison, I love the way you constructed your post about pilgrimage. Your diction was sophisticated and clear and the way you broke up the paragraphs made it easy for the reader to follow. I especially enjoyed your use of imagery in the first paragraph and would love to read more in the future!

    • Dear Madison,
      I am intrigued by your post because of the equally clear and unique way you described pilgrimage and its relation to time. Your thought process was well organized and enjoyable to read, even more so in how your personal language flowed through.

      One thing you said that stands out for me is: “The benefits of pilgrimages have not diminished since the beginning of its origin, and they are the perfect chance of rediscovery and the release of old, weightful mindsets.” I think this is a beautiful concept because the juxtaposition of origin with old, weightful mindsets has a particular and fitting sound to it. I think it also supports the essence of modern pilgrimage that you portray as well.

      Your post reminds me of a walk one might take alone in the early hours of the morning or in a place where no one else resides. There is a release of the things wound inside of you and a renewed feeling of connection with the atmosphere. A simple walk may not always qualify as a pilgrimage, but I think it’s an essential version that people make when they don’t perhaps have time for a proper journey of rediscovery.

      Thank you for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next because your work has a lovely sense of understanding in its voice. I’d love to read more!

  • Dear Osiris,

    This post almost immediately caught my eye, especially because listening to music and enjoying it is such a huge part of my life. Though I don’t play any instruments or sing, listening to music—on the way to school, during long homework sprints, and as I fall asleep—is an aspect of my life that increases my general mood. I agree…Read More

  • Madison commented on the post, Is Social Media Bad?

    Dear Cristian,

    I really liked the points you brought up in this post, and I do agree with some of them. As almost all things in life have, there are two sides to a story, and often there are both negative and positive connotations associated to social media specifically. I really like how you said, “I feel like the social media community w…Read More

  • Dear Seth,

    Your post “How can students stay more energized throughout the day?” was a really interesting read, especially because losing energy levels, in the midst of a pandemic, is a common occurrence for most students these days. The title immediately caught my eye, as a student myself, keeping up my own energy levels and staying on task is…Read More

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  • Dear Yangliu,

    Your post, “Is the academic qualification really that important?,” caught my eye and was an extremely interesting read! The multiple perspectives and insights given were question-arising and they undoubtedly peaked my interest. I especially think the question you asked discussing whether or not an academic qualification should be…Read More



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