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    Remembering Your Worth

    Whatever happened to that confident little girl? The girl who adored the game and the girl who did not care about what other people thought.” My mom always asked me this question but I was always unsure of the...

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    Unashamed Conversations About Unmet Mental Health Needs

    Impulse buying, binge watching, unemployment, and millions of deaths. The feelings of instability and insecurity plague the lives of many people all around the world. We all know about the infamous COVID-19 pandemic but do we truly understand it’s...

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    • Maddie! I like how in depth you went about the actions of people who are suffering. I also found it interesting how you looked into how COVID has affected the mental state of some people. This is a very important topic, especially with the pandemic still surging around the world. It is important to spread information. I would suggest maybe sticking to just one main point. I noticed that you bounced around a lot from mental health, to COVID, and then to physical fitness. Other than that, your discussion was great, thanks for sharing!

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    Why can’t you just be happy for once?

    Endlessly drowning in a pool full of emotions and weight. Paralyzed with fear and a place I could not escape. It all starts with your brain, reminding you what happened last time or the time before. The constant recurrence...

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    • Maddie
      I really liked how you wrote about the struggles parents face when taking care of their children. As children, we often mistake our parent’s protection as them wanting to “ruin our lives”. The fact that you cited evidence from a parent’s point of view goes to show that we, as children, aren’t the only ones who face obstacles in life. We don’t realize how much our parents sacrifice for us to have the best life they can provide us with. I also liked the fact that you wrote that parents also make mistakes too. It is only when the child and his or her parent communicate their struggles to each other that they are able to truly understand one another.

    • Maddie,
      I really enjoyed this blog post! I definitely agree that there is a stigmatism around mental health in which people believe they can simply fix it. I think that it is important to realize that sometimes when you are trying to help, you may end up making things worse. This is why it is very important to be informed on mental health and why we should work toward eliminating the stigma surrounding it. I especially liked the part that said mental health is something “that you have to learn to cope with and live your life to the fullest.” If you never learn to cope with mental health issues, it will only end up becoming worse and hindering your ability to enjoy life. I also appreciate the fact that you have brought attention to the problem of trying to “fix people” because as humans we like to have control, and trying to fix people’s problems give us a sense of control. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    Communication is Key

    Growing up I have always admired the way my mom communicated with her various environments. Mainly the assisted living environment where communication was the only way to depict to dementia residents how you really feel. When I was a...

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    • Really liked your post, maddle. I do agree that communicating with others is the best way to understand the person in any way possible. Over my lifetime, I have learned a lot about others when I’m bored and just want to talk to others. I talk to anyone no matter what they are. Even though my shyness comes along for the ride, it´s always good to talk to people to have a social relationship and learn much more about others.

    • Dear Maddie
      Your post really caught my attention because of how so much people can relate to this, this post could bring more people together

      In your statement you say that you had to communicate with in the toughest times, that could influence a lot of different people

    • Dear Maddie,

      Your post really amazed me. I definitely do agree that communicating with other is a wonderful way to come to understand them better. Throughout my life I have heard many languages and spoken many of them and talking to someone in the language they most associate with makes them feel more comfortable and understood. I truly love how your mom gave you such an experience of teaching you the language to be able to communicate with citizens in your community that have a medical disability.

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    “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”

    Most kids growing up in the 2000’s were most likely watching Disney Channel or maybe Nickelodeon. But when I was younger, my mother would always put on 80’s movies and TV shows. Of course, I’m not complaining! 80’s movies...

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    • When it comes to empathy, I think that this movie is the perfect example to get your point across. I like how you used stereotypical names for each of the characters to show the idea of a single story and how not everyone is what they may seem. Your point on how empathy helps improve people’s behavior toward others is thoroughly and well displayed through your example of The Breakfast Club, and really helps the reader to understand what message you were trying to get across.

    • Dear Maddie:

      I am “pleased” by your post ““Don’t You (Forget About Me)”” because of it’s hidden idea for empathy towards another/empathy in general. Especially when you use the iconic movie, The Breakfast Club.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “The “popular girl,” “the basket case,” “the geek,” “the bad boy,” and “the jock.” All of these characters display empathy at one point or another throughout the film.” I think this is informative because… we get the background on the characters and the reason why each of them were so different. Because of what they were they never got to know each other until now.

      Another sentence that I found was: “The Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club is an impactful film that conveys the change of concrete thinking of a “single story” and the ability to understand differences between one another by putting forth empathy. This stood out for me because it sums up everything perfectly.

      I do agree with you that these teens got together and enjoyed each others company with empathy. One reason I say this is the obvious diversity between all of them.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I love the Breakfast Club and your understanding is truly great.



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