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  • Evelyn,

    I absolutely love your post. It explains main issues with how school don’t focus on the business aspect of preparing for college. Schools need to evolve more and keep up to date with the society today. Good job!

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    Problems Resulting from Drug Abuse

    We have all heard the remarks: “One time won’t make me addicted”, “It won’t hurt anyone”, or  “it’s just one ‘high’ calm down.” But in a constant developing society no one stops to notice or question these short phrases....

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    Remembering Your Worth

    "Whatever happened to that confident little girl? The girl who adored the game and the girl who did not care about what other people thought.” My mom always asked me this question, but I was always unsure of the...

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    • Maddie,
      I really enjoyed everything you wrote about and how your past challenges have helped you overcome your toughest battles. I’m a true believer that everything we go through teaches us a lesson and forms our character as a person. I agree that bullying can affect our mental health and I think more people need to be aware of that because it can have a long lasting impact on our lives. Overall, I really thought you did a great job on this blog!

    • Dear Maddie,
      I enjoyed you saying all these things about how you overcame this obstacle in your life. I was really impressed because with all these negative things that happened to you, you still managed to pick yourself up from that situation. I can agree with you on the fact that bullying can affect our mental health severely due to the fact that I’ve been in your shoes at a certain point in my life. It also took me a while to cover come to that obstacle in my life. Something that stood out to me is when you said “you deserve everything good in the world”, I strongly believe that this is so true because everyone deserves everything good coming their way. I really appreciate that you shared your experience because then a lot of people would be able to relate to this and it’ll help them out more knowing they weren’t the only ones who went through something like this!


    • Dear Maddie, the topic you discussed in this post was interesting to me and got my attention because this is something probably everybody has to hear at some point. I hope those who have gone through the same, if not similar situation can see your post and realize that they were never the problem to begin with. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is “But the truth is, you deserve everything good in the world and once you start believing in yourself, you will be an unstoppable force of good.” I found this interesting because it resonates with what I believe in, you attract what you believe. If you think positive, you will be surrounded with positiveness, if you worry, you’ll attract worry, etc. Thanks your writing, I look forward to what you write next because issues like these certainly need more attention, it is important to know the aftermath of bullying that one is left with.


  • Meghan,

    I though that you did an excellent job on focusIng on the aspect of education. As a person who suffers from anxiety, I can definitely see how this paper could help other people feel supported.

  • Maddie commented on the post, The Power of Song


    I liked how you included how music also helps express social issues because it overall helps convey how musical is personal to you. It helps depict your style and how we feel comfort through music as a form of language.

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