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Is Utah Ready For COVID-19?

Utah is home to 3.161 million people. This is less than 1% of the United States, but that does not make it any less important. The World is currently undergoing a pandemic. There is a virus known as COVID-19. COVID-19 is a flu-like illness that has already killed 55,741 people according to This illness is tough to stop because […]

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Should Celebrities Voice Their Opinions on Political Views?

Celebrities are the people we see and watch in the media. They can vary from authors to actors to doctors to singers to scientists to athletes and everything in between. These are the people who may be hated, adored, appreciated, or looked up to. They have some of the loudest voices in our media and each and every one of […]

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Sexist School Dress Codes

Almost all schools have a dress code. Private schools, public schools, and charter schools all usually have a dress code. Some schools may even require uniforms. At most schools there are required lengths for skirts, shorts, and shirt sleeves. Shorts and skirts may be a required length to the person wearing them’s fingertips or to the knee. Shirts may require […]

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Sexual Assault and How it is Addressed in the US

Sexual assault is an issue that sometimes seems to have no punishment. Many accounts of men taking advantage of girls and women while unconscious have had no punishment. Then it is even more frustrating when someone is stealing necessities because they cannot survive without them. According to RAINN, out of 1000 sexual assaults, 995 perpetrators will walk free. This is […]

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Abortion in the US

Abortion in the US is currently a massive debate. The two main sides seem to be baby killing and women’s rights. About 61% of Americans believe abortion would be legal with around 38% thinking it should be illegal. Many people who are against abortion want to see the Roe v Wade trial which allowed abortion, to be removed. There are […]

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