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  • Dear Sayra, I am shocked by your post titled, ¨Should Juvenile offenders be locked away for life?¨

    Right off the bat, the title drew my attention because we´re talking about kids here. In your text you stated, ¨He is now 39 years old and has spent more of his life in prison than outside of it.¨ I felt very sympathetic while reading this beca…Read More

  • Madai commented on the post, Women in a dollar?

    Veronica, I am impressed with your post, ¨Women in a dollar¨.

    I think it was very well written. One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was when you stated ¨A group of women made a campaign to raise their voices and that women be printed on a dollar, but the government rejected that idea.¨ I never knew this was a campaign. I would like to be…Read More

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    Shocking Discovery

    In the article, “Ancient Canoe Found in Wisconsin”, (McGraw Hill) I learned that a recreational scuba diver in southern Wisconsin’s Lake Mendota made an interesting discovery. She had found a wooden dugout canoe that is thought to be 1,200...

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  • Madai commented on the post, Russia and Ukraine

    Dear Yarelli,

    I am surprised by your post, “Tensions Rising between Russia and Ukraine,” because it is surprising how after Russia tries to have a relationship with Ukraine they still want to attack them. It’s also surprising how there were some deaths and how Russia sent 100,000 troops to the border.

    One sentence you wrote that stand…Read More

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    UFO has been spotted

    Over the decades there have been many reports claiming that people have seen aircraft in the sky with unusual shapes or movements. In the article ¨What´s in the Sky?¨I read that the first well-known U.F.O. sighting in the U.S. occurred in 1947 when a private pilot reported seeing nine circular objects traveling at supersonic speeds near Mount Rainier in Washington State. Newspapers described them as “flying saucers¨. I find it very interesting how many people have believed that they saw a Ufo flying...

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