• I can relate to what you said because I also find it hard to open up to others. But I think that once you do others will be accepting and helpful.

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    Edwin, I appreciate how you are proud of where you are from regardless of negative stereotypes that people have about your city. I think that is great to be yourself and not worry about what people stereotype you as.

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    I also think that people should be free to say what they want. I think that freedom of speech is one of the most important American values. It is important for people to share their thoughts on politics and issues.

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    I don’t play or watch soccer, but I can imagine it being hard. I think that every sport has its own difficulties. Here is an article that makes a case for every sport being difficult: https://www.coloradoan.com/story/sports/high-school-sports/2013/09/23/whats-the-hardest-high-school-sport-its-complicated/28936167/

  • I liked when you said “people don’t pay attention to things that are happening in society they try to be blind and pretend like nothing happens.” I feel like that was one of the main messages in the music video. I think that people need to be more aware of other’s problems instead of just their own.

  • I agree with your post Conor. Having confidence is very important. This reminds me of “fake it till you make it.” I think that works.

  • Being able to live is the most important human right. Living requires being healthy. But not everyone has access to living healthy. Many Americans cannot afford healthcare and have to ignore illness to save money.

    • I like how you approach this issue, Matt. I am a pretty practical person, and I like to think that many of the problems arising in the world, especially health care, are driven by numbers and hard data. You draw attention to the simple cause and effect of lack of money and exacerbated medical problems. I think you ought to look into how free health care has worked in some the “25 wealthiest countries” you mention. Indeed, people do need regular, fair treatment in a modern world that can afford it to them.

    • I like the attention to detail Matt! But despite the US being one of the wealthiest nations on the planet there are still many issues preventing us from having universal healthcare. We provide healthcare programs for the poor and elderly, but opening it up to the entire population would be a major tax burden on the typical tax payer. It would also be directly against our capitalist economy. Healthcare providers have to compete for costumers, but with universal healthcare the government provides it with no competition. I do believe however healthcare should be a right, but there is simply too many obstacles in the way.

    • Hi Matt,

      I agree with you and believe that we all should have access to free health care. However, like you mentioned, as of right now it is just not possible, while it may be in the future. There have been steps that have been taken, such as free health seminars and other similar events. When you said “…health care for very serious illness or injury should be free”, I tend to disagree. While it definitely should not be as expensive as it is, it would be very difficult to support our economy and other important structures if it were so. Overall you did a nice job!


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