• For the larger part of American History, to be an American meant to be white and to view those who were African-Americans as nothing more than inferior beings. The institution of slavery had undoubtedly reduced

  • Dear Owen:

    I strongly agree with the content of your blog titled “Melting Pot”. I too believe that America is a nation defined by and united by the great diversity present. Since, America is a land full of diverse people, ideas, religions, and groups, to be an American would mean to identify with the diversity that engulfs the country.

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  • I am from a land of harvesting hands,

    from a land where the greens of the lushes grass are abundant on the mountain side

    I am from a place where respect is demanded

    And where honor is cherished

    I am from a

    • Hi Meless!
      I really enjoyed reading your poem. I liked the repetition when you said I am from… it helps to convey a stronger message. It also helps with comparison, like when you said, “Whose mighty ancestors stifled the attempt of conquest” but then said, “I am from a land of kings and queens” since these seem like two contrasting ideas. Since you used repetition you were able to make a comparison of two contrasting topics. The image you were able to create from this tool was clear. I hope to hear more of your poetry in the future!

    • This was a really enjoyable read. You painted a well rounded picture of your place of origin, mentioning “attempt of conquest” while simultaneously expressing pride in that place with the line “kings and queens”. It created a realistic backdrop where arduous things have happened, and happy things can still be expected. If you’re looking for more poem fuel, I suggest looking at writing prompts online or checking out peer review sites were people share personal writings.

    • Meless, I am shocked by your poem because you described Ethiopia as such as strong and powerful place! One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is, “I am from a place where respect is demanded, And where honor is cherished.” I think this is powerful because you use two powerful words and connected them to other words that are poignant and strong. Thanks for your writing, I had never thought about Ethiopia this way and your poem gives people a sense to how this place is like. I look forward to seeing what you write next!

    • Hey Meless, I really enjoyed your poem. I felt as like I was right there. You did a good job making it so the readers can really visualize what was going on. For example when you described the grass i felt as though I can see it

    • Melees,
      I absolutely loved reading your poem. Everything about this was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this, it is so important for our wold to be diverse and to be able to respect and cherish everybody’s cultures and backgrounds. Thank you, this was so beautiful.

    • Dear Meless:

      I am in love with your poem, “Where I’m from,” because you talked about where you are from and what your country and culture is about. I love the way you repeated yourself it made me want to continue reading.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “I am from a land where life is truly lived” I think this is beautiful because you love where you are from and your letting others know about where you are from.

      Another sentence that I liked was: “I am from a place where respect is demanded and where honor is cherished.” This stood out for me because you’re explaining to people like me that never been what it’s like in Ethiopia.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I loved the way you wrote your poem it was very interesting, I did not want to stop reading. Please write more I would like to continue to read more of your post.

    • I really liked where he from because of the disert

    • Dear Meless,
      I enjoyed reading your inspiring and lovely poem called ¨Where Im From” because it speaks about your life. And where you are from. I love how you used “I am”as a starting sentence for most of your lines!

      One sentence that you wrote that i liked is ¨I am from a land of harvesting hands,”This sentence speaks highly of you and our country. Anyone can see how your country values hard work!

      another sentence I liked from your poem is ¨And from a land of absolute focus and determination¨ This sentence shows that your country are not just hard working people but also determined! and they never give up. This piece of sentence shows someone like me how incredible your culture and country is!

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