• I like how you were willing to stand for hours so then you can march for what you wanted. I really like the story. Keep on believing, Abby!

  • Dear Rama,

    I really agree with your idea because I personally love animals and I think it really is cruel to abuse or lock up the animals. I think that we should respect them, they are part of our society too. 🙂 😉

  • Dear Future President,

    Hi! My name is Layla and I am 10 years old. First, I want to say congratulations on winning the election! There are some things happening in the world, so I thought that I could bring them

    • I agree with you and I believe one of the two candidates will do great things to end poverty by helping the middle class and being able to support the economy. They will also help create new jobs so we can build a better economy and help the lives of people in America.

    • Poverty is truly a huge problem, not just in the Unites States, but the world. I agree with your proposal of focusing on the middle class to help our economy overall, and hopefully create more opportunities and jobs for the poor. This is a great letter.

    • Layla I agree with you because and I hope they do something about this poverty problem because i don´t like it and i am positive lots of people don´t like it too. so Layla i agree with strongly!

    • hi im angeline your best friend i like how you elaborated (;0

    • I love your piece of writing. It is really thoughtful. I wrote about poverty to. I agree with that poor people are being treated bad and that they need our help. More people need to help people in need. We should be helpful and never give up to make a change for the people and for us. Your piece is great. Congratulation.

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  • Layla's profile was updated 3 years, 4 months ago