•  Growing up in the United States with an illegal family is a big struggle. I came here when I was 7 years old, when I got here It was really difficult for me to understand people when they spoke to me in English.

    • It is amazing to read the story of someone who has crossed the border. Last year in photography we watched a documentary that followed kids trying to cross, but hearing it from someone’s own words helps you see so much more. We’re all human. We all deserve equal treatment. I’m glad your grandpa ended up being okay. This country needs to take steps to protect it’s dreamers and other immigrants, illegal or not, not do things to hurt them. We all deserve good lives to live.

  • Dear Xochitl, I am very proud that you shared out your ideas in your memoir and that it was based on dishonesty within your family.



    I’m grateful for my parents because

    It’s not easy coming from another country

    To a country that’s not your country.

    It has being one of the toughest things


    • You can tell she’s gone through so many struggles and because of those struggles she’s grateful. You can see that she’s not just grateful for being here but she’s grateful for everything that she’s been through to get here

    • Lupe — Your piece is full of love and gratitude for the sacrifices that your parents have made — and for your OWN strength. It’s beautiful to read. I hope that you share this piece with your parents in some way. They are lucky to have you for a daughter!

    • Guadalupe,
      This line, ”
      I’m grateful because thanks to my parents I am where

      I am right now and what I’m doing is for them”

      was indescribably powerful. This poem was shockingly beautiful and something that I, and most people with whom I’ve grown up, cannot relate to. Your story is one to be proud of, and one to always remember. I hope your future is always bright, and you live out your hopes successfully.

    • This poem really hit home for me because I live in a communiy where people do not appreciate their parents. I can’t imagine what your parents went through. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/08/30/mexico-says-poverty-down-to-about-44-percent-population.html Even though poverty has declined, it’s still bad there. I’m glad they decided to move you here and I’m glad you’re here now.

  • Kari your memoir to your last name is priceless because you talk to so positive about how your father gave you his last name and I like how your last name is very unique just like mine.

  • I can connect to last sentence of your memoir because it’s something I have to deal with everyday! I love your last name memoir!

  • The last name I received has been a huge impact in my life because it has made me who I am today. It has made me be a different person with different people at different points in my life. It has reflected towards

    • I can relate to somethings about the expressions and problems. I really like how you express yourself through this name memoir Lupe!

    • Dear Lupe,
      I am grateful for reading your piece because you seem like a good writer. one sentence that stood out to me the most about your name was” The last name I received has been a huge impact in my life because it has made me who I am today. It has made me be a different person with different people at different points in my life. It has reflected towards what I want to become for my future and what I don’t want to become in my future. It has taught me to be strong as a women and not give up.”. This stood out to me the most because your basically proving all the stereotypes of woman wrong. Your showing pride to your name which is good. Thank you for writing I look foreword to reading what you write in the future.

    • Dear Lupe
      I like your post about your last name and how it shaped you to the person that you are today one quote that stood out to me is ”Where me and my family are from many people consider it differently every single family has a nickname and for us it’s just our last name and many people know us by that where we’re from” this stood out to me because were my family is from they have nicknames that are unique to the people that have the nickname. Hope to see more of your writing in the future

    • Dear Guadalupe,
      Your work fills me with pride. I don’t know you so I know this seems pretty bold to claim, but it’s nice to know that your identity is so shaped up by your name. Your work seemed like you were opening up, and if you weren’t, I still felt that feeling. Your work reminded me of myself. Technically the opposite of myself, but i felt connected. I never felt my name made that much of my identity up but that’s because I basically hate my name. I feel that seeing how much of your identity your name makes up of you opens my eyes. One sentence that stood out to me was, “My last name has impacted me mentally “, I felt that this was something worth standing out. It shows your different impacts of your name. Another sentence that stood out to me was, “ My last name has impacted my identity to act someone I’m really not with various different people” this quote stands out to me because it leaves me in questioning. What ways has your name caused this? I can see how it can impact involving race but I’d like to know the actual story. Thank you for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your work is opening. Your writing seems personal and it’s cool to read that. I really appreciate getting a chance to read your work. If you’d like please reply.

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    • Dear Lupe,
      the part that i liked was when you said this “The last name I received has been a huge impact in my life because it has made me who I am today. ” this really stand out to me because it was the most impactful also that really means our last name has a meaning and not just a last name. this matters because our last name has a lot more…[Read more]