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  • Paige, I really like the style of this poem. It’s a unique way of interpreting the “Song of Myself” and organizing it in your own way. It has a cool voice to the poem and I like the message and how you’re appreciating everything in life simply because it’s there.

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    Adelle, I enjoyed the unique style of writing and voice established in this piece. You made your own interpretation of a poem by Whitman, and the way you celebrate life itself as a triumph is beautiful. I love the connections you made to music and how you questioned what exactly life was about and what it’s purpose is. I connected strongly to this…Read More

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    Brandon, I really enjoyed the use of two voices in this poem where I could see them directly contrasting against one another, but I could relate to each argument and see the points made by both speakers. It was a unique reading experience to see both sides of a discussion and to connect to both of the voices who expressed such strong beliefs.

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    Christian commented on the post, ISO Giovanni

    Abby, I really love the imagery you used in this piece and the descriptive wording that created such a precise picture in my mind. Your choice of words is powerful and really adds to the voice of your poem, bringing out strong emotions in the reader.


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