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    Youth voices 3 Gondola

    template to jumpstart your writing. Don’t worry about perfection; just pour out your ideas, perceptions, and knowledge. Keep the question, “How is the little cottonwood canyon gondola going to affect the canyon?” as your guiding star while you write....

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    The article talked more about how the gondola is being proposed and the things that will come along with it. The gondola would have a lot of effects both positive and negative and the article covers both the upsides...

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  • I like that you used a lot of evidence and reasoning from research to explain your topic. I wish you would have expanded more on how purple light is bad for drivers. This would make me realize more about how the street lights are harmful.

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    This article was very informing. I found it very interesting when you asked the question “so why didn’t they mandate it after the very first one?”, this highlights the problems with gun laws. After every shooting, you would think that they would start to tighten laws to protect people as much as possible. This article was very informative about w…Read More

  • I think you bring to light some very good questions in your passage. Specifically “how are we going to regulate AI, and who will enforce it?”. I think about this quite a bit because no one knows. This is total and complete uncharted territory. We can even see this in schools where teachers don’t know how to regulate AI for cheating. I found thisRead More

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Youth voices 3 Gondola

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