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  • Luis commented on the post, Rise of A.I.

    I am shocked by your post, “Rise of A.I.” because I find it shocking that people are actually criticizing them. I think that if we want to become sensational in the future it is mandatory that we humans create these automatic controlled robots.

    One sentence that stands out to me is “People are beginning to wonder if A.I. will do more harm than…Read More

  • Dear Jonathan:
    I am very interested in the topic of choice for your post, “What happened to all the stuff?”, because I think that it is very critical that stores have at least average stocked shelves and not below what it always is because if you think about it, people go in stores and buy the same things that someone else bought the day before or…Read More

  • Dear Rene:

    I am amazed by your post, “Tensions Rising between Russia and Ukraine”, because it is crazy that we are living in the world as this is going on. I liked that you added a little bit of background on how in 2014 Ukraine was trying to make allies with countries other than Russia, but Russia wanted to be allies with them and now looking…Read More

  • Luis commented on the post, Discrimination In LGBTQ+

    Dear Karen,

    I am aware of the message that is spoken in your discussion about the LGBTQIA+ community. I think that coming out has been going on for a while, but it has never gone to this point in time where so many people of that regards get made fun of all the time. We could see all over the social media platforms that those regarded as “gay”…Read More

  • Luis commented on the post, Aren't We All The Same

    Dear Jaden,

    I am impressed by your post/poen, “Aren’t We All The Same”, because it is something that a lot of people in this country/world can relate to. It is everywhere where we see a lot of racism, from the internet, to the real outside world. I think this is an important topic that should always be spread with the intention of making our…Read More

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