• Last month a policy in which protected 800,000 immigrants came to an end. This policy was DACA ( Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), 91%of those immigrants were employed. My name is Luis Martinez, my issue is

    • Luis, I see what you are saying. I totally agree that the government is discriminatory towards Latinos that are immigrants. Also it is true that Latinos and other races in this country, don’t have the same opportunities to achieve goals that they want to. I really liked your article.

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      Dear luis:
      I am fascinated on your <post, “Immigration is the American way,” because not a lot of people want to talk about immigration and you want to stand up for them.One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ I am a Latino immigrants who came into the country 15 years ago with my parents in search for a better future.” I think this is very strong because many people come to the us to have a better future and you are one of them and it’s nice to see this from a person who is an immigrant.
      Another sentence that I liked was: “ Last month a policy in which protected 800,000 immigrants came to an end.” This stood out for me because it didn’t affect only latino immigrant but all kinds of immigrants.
      Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time when i was treated differently because of my race Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because is whether you solve the problem.

    • Luis, I really like your post because it’s an issue that is happening right and it really affects us especially the people of different countries. I think this problem needs to be solved because we cannot let the president to change something that affects the people. What are they going to do if they are deported, they do not even know the places where they are going to be deported. I like your issue and I like the image that you chose.

    • luis, I really like your topic ¨Immigration is the America way¨, because not a lot of people write about immigrants. one sentence you wrote that stand out for me is ¨ I am a Latino immigrants who came into the country 15 years ago with my parents in search for a better future.¨ I think this is strong because I know a lot of my friends are immigrant who came to search for a better life. this post remind of my family because they also came to the United State to look for a better life for them and for me.

    • Hi Luis , My name is Ethan and Iam from Judge Memorial Catholic High School. Your article was amazing, the rhythm of everything was smooth. I loved how you included statistics in your beginning paragraph, but maybe next time write a more inviting or content informational paragraph. The rest of your article was great, my last critique is to explain why this is all happening to get your audience more informed. Great job !

    • Luis, your story and further research had such an impact on me, and though I can’t directly relate or even begin to understand what you may be going through right now, I thought a response from a white American citizen might be interesting and possibly helpful. I absolutely agree with your statements, and sympathize with the difficulties of being a DACA recipient in today’s day and age. One statement you made that struck me as very surprising was the fact that Latinos with higher levels of education are more likely to be discriminated against than those with lower levels because of their more frequent contact with white citizens. Any discrimination is horrific, and to think that Latinos who are just as educated, if not more, are being criticized and discriminated against solely because of the color of their skin or the country they’re from is appalling. I hope everything for you and your loved ones is safe and turns out well. I think this source (http://www.npr.org/2017/09/29/554073453/democrats-try-to-force-dream-act-vote-as-gop-rolls-out-conservative-daca-fix) can maybe help you with acknowledging both sides of the argument.

    • Hi Luis,
      I agree with you, there is a lot of discrimination against immigrants. It is interesting because America is a country of immigrants, almost everyone has ancestors that came from somewhere else. Everyone deserves a chance at a better life, no matter what they look like. I recently read “Romantic Violence” by Christian Picciolini and he was a skinhead in Chicago. He disliked blacks and immigrants because he thought that they were disrupting the american way of life, bringing crime and drugs, and forcing their culture onto others. America is a melting pot, a soup of all different cultures. Immigrants just want a chance at a good life, not to take over.

    • Luis, I like your piece because it is relevant to what is happening today. I agree with you that there is discrimination all around us. I think it is unfortunate that people are discriminated against and treated poorly because of their race and where they are from. Hopefully this changes and people realize that we are all people and we can get past our differences.

    • Hi Luis! I enjoyed reading this because I come from a very different background. I was born in America to a white family and have never had to be discriminated against. I agree that the government should allow immigrants to come over. It isn’t an immigrants fault that they were born in a country without the same opportunities that the United States has. For the people that want to come over, they are trying to better their own lives, so who are we to stop them? The only reason I would understand why the US would support this is because we are already very over populated and are going to continue to increase in size. Personally, people that I have known that have immigrated over have worked harder than some of the American born citizens I know. There are people here that are lazy and feel as if they don’t have to do anything. Look at all of our homeless population. They aren’t trying to find work. On the other hand, people that have come to the US work hard to get a job even if it is low paying. I always see Latinos working so much harder and I really admire this. I hope one day you will have the same equal opportunities that you deserve. Thank you for sharing this with me.

  • In our American history class we are researching contemporary issues and designing ways that people can take action and improve our community. Our group is focused on Treatment of Immigrants. This issue is

    • Good start. Your infographic looks clean and readable, but could be improved with a bit more detail. Clarify HOW having more Latino law enforcement officers would help improve the deportation situation; you mention that in your write-up, but do not have it in your infographic. You also need to check your wording, and make sure you finish ideas… under the “-” symbol you have an incomplete idea. Be sure to also name the course of your charts.

    • I agree with the argument the law enforcement should have more Hispanics but what I don’t understand is that if you are arguing that immigrants should be treated the same and be part of the law enforcement field why not other immigrants like Polynesians, Asians, African Americans or does this relate to police brutality in your community and a specific group of people?

    • In your summary about immigration dot have the same education opportunities but i got lost when you also mention the deportation. Are you wanted to say the deportation is treating people by race or how it is affecting families. The summary was understandable of points you trying to make.

    • Your summary is good, but the graphic was not very informative. Since the 3 things at the bottom of the page did not make sense (family seperation makes US gov. have to pay to) that statement didn’t make snese. The graph neede to have more info to make more effective.

    • I think you should focus more on the effects that deportation has on American society. Right there, you need to convince your reader why deportation is so bad. All you said was that it can break up families and decrease diversity, You should explain what can happen because of broken families and explain why diversity is a good thing. Also, you should discuss how the deportation of illegal immigrants affects the American economy and job market. All these extra examples will really strengthen your argument. You could also add to your info-graphic the effect on the economy so the reader can visualize it. But overall, you are on the right track.

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