• This Is My Comic About My Identity And What Makes Me Who I Am Today

    • Dear Luis,
      I enjoyed your comic, it was a story on how you found a passion through cars by taking pictures of them. I’ve seen your pictures and they turn out really nice. I like the details you put like the streets it was a nice touch. Keep taking pictures!

  • Dear Esthefany,
    I really like how you’re really about your family like everyone else should be. I also like how you showed graphic weight on one of your panels as well. Everyone has different traditions and Im glad you shared yours to us so we can know how you celebrate. Good Job!

  • Dear Stephanie,
    I really like how you told this story about your grandma and everything she has taught you, im pretty sure this was a hard topic for you to talk about but it was a great story for you to share. Good Job!

  • I see cars as a big part of my life.

    Not all types of cars though.

    Muscle cars like Camaros, Mustangs, Hellcats, GTO’s, and Trans Am’s.

    I been around muscle cars all my life.

    My cousin used to take me out in

    • Your memoir is strong and explains who you are today. This piece is a good explaination of how far you have came because of muscle cars and photogrpahy. This memoir helped you realize that photography is a big part in your life and might always be.

    • Dear, Luis I really like that you stuck with your dream not a lot people can say that keep up the good work G

    • Luis,
      I really like your memoir it really shows how who you really are and how you got to this point. The part that really stool out to me is “ I won’t say i’m the best camera person in the car scene but I feel like i’m up there.” This stood out to me because you know your not the best yet but your confident about yourself that you are. I hope to see more of your writing because it really shows who you really are.
      Thank you.

  • I like how you set up your shadow box and how it says everything about you in pictures. Good job! Keep chasing your dreams.

  • Dear Oscar
    I like that you wrote about something you love to do. I also like the way you spaced your poem and the details you put into this. I also liked how you described how it felt to be in a soccer game it made me visualize that I was the one playin soccer lol. Good Job

  • Dear Vesna
    I like how you started writing with a good hook that made it catch my attention to your poem. I like how you were honest with this poem about yourself. you used good details in here that made your poem interesting to me. Good Job Mijo

  • Dear Esthefany
    You really described yourself on this poem and I know because I’ve known you for a while already. I like the way you wrote this with good details and good organization. Good Job

  • Dear Kevin, I like how you wrote this poem, it kinda made it seem like you was writing a rap song or something cause you rhymed a bit. Im glad that you don’t care about what others think of you and you don’t let anything get to you. Good job!

  • Dear Yaqui, I like how you put in a lot of thought into this poem and how you write with so much detail so the reader can visualize what you’re talking about. Good job!

  • I’m Chill

    Well when I want to be

    Whenever people don’t get on my nerves

    Of course

    People love to annoy others

    They talk too much

    Also are very loud

    I lose my chill quick

    Very quick


    • This is a good poem because It explains how being chill can be better than being annoying. Also, chill is similar to what I wrote about so I can connect to this poem as well.

    • This is very strong and clear to the point. I like how your poem sound like you even though you aren’t reading it out loud but the way you wrote it sound exactly like you. I have known u for our 4 years in high school and you have always been the chillest and laidback person. Good job!

  • I like how you wrote this and it seems interesting to me that when you were growing up you didn’t like your name so much until you grew into it and that when I was growing up I liked my name a lot and when I found out I had a step brother I started to hate my name. Good Job!

  • Luis Fernando Carrillo is my full name but, not everyone knows my middle name. I don’t talk about my middle name because it’s not for me. My dad’s full name is the exact same as mine so I’m just a Jr. However, eve

    • Your piece said a lot about the type of person you are. You are a strong person who struggled to accept your name but at the end of the day you take pride in it, forgetting the negative story behind it. I liked it and it was really nice to read the metaphors. Great Job!!

    • Luis – your problematic relationship with the name “Fernando” makes sense. I’m sorry that you have to carry that. I hope that the load continues to get lighter as you get older. Thank you for sharing and being vulnerable.

  • Dear Karyme, I like how you set up your shadow box and it says everything about you in pictures. Good job! Keep chasing your dreams and remember, If you’re not first, you’re last.

  • I like your drawing cause it describes Oakland in a picture.

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