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  • LuisaPH

I liked how you explained why you chose this poem and I liked how you read the poem and tried your best to portray the tone of the poem. Also, how you explained what the poem means and why you thought it meant by giving an example.

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Central Park View Comment
  • @LuisaPH
  • February 10, 2021

Dear Ocean: Your poem talks about Central Park and how beautiful and how it one of New york beautiful features. Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next because I like how you describe Central Park.

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New York City View Comment
  • @LuisaPH
  • February 10, 2021

Dear Hai-cheng : Your Poem talks about how you see New york city as a place that unique and filled with music and entrainment. Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next because I like how you talk about new york...

I agree back then talking about your body was something you could not do and it was taboo and still today many people still have a problem with talking about subjects like puberty and many more.

I picked this comment because she did lie that Fonny raped her but she didn't lie that she wasn't raped the police convinced her to say it was Fonny.

I picked this comment because parents don't want their kids to suffer and parents are protective of who their kids date or marry because they want them to have a good life.

I picked this comment because it kinda sad how people don't treat people with respect and how it can affect somebody.

I picked this comment to be bookmarked because I want to know why people care so much about people believing different things.

Dear Ashley: I don’t agree with you that athletes aren't overpaid because athletes get contracts with millions of dollars while people like health care workers, social workers get paid less. I understand they put their life on the line to get a chance to play the sport they love and...

Dear Brendaly, your post “ A Time When Being Anything But White,” because you talk about the race issues people are dealing with and the "beauty standard" One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Keep on marrying lighter and whiter and don’t touch the chocolate and...

Dear Jaylene : I am curious, about your post, because you made me think of the book in a different way. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: "America fights society’s standards and expectations of her. She also stands up for those mistreated and overlooked in the...

Dear, Julia I agree we need to learn about this virus and we need to discuss with people to learn more and talk about coronavirus and also I think we need to stop making this virus political because that why we can't have an in-depth discussion about this virus...

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  • @LuisaPH
  • November 3, 2020

Dear, kaimea I read all of the hunger gamebooks and movies I want to ask you how did you feel when she killed president coin and I agree with you is person v self type of conflict because ever death of a character or player in the hunger games...

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Political Clickbait Media View Comment
  • @LuisaPH
  • November 3, 2020

I agree with you the social media is part of politics and can lead to people thinking everything is true on social media. However, there is also a positive, since is all social media is all around us and people are talking about this election people are starting to...

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Diction- middle neutral style

I think the mother are calling for their kids because most of the time kids hang out around the building and the mother are calling them back home it is getting dark.

even if your in your apartment you can hear the train because it so noisy and if you live near a train station even worse.

sound technique


I think it refers to kids missing because kids like to hang around the block playing with kids and your parent telling you to be careful.

I think that why Ernestine always mock or get angry at Tish some time.

I get that they're celebrating but why give Tish alcohol?

This got more interesting.

I agree and I also think maybe she went to the police and said she was raped and the police and her lied and put the blame on Fonny.

This is so sad. He's angry but still, worries about tish show you how kind he is a love tish.

I agree with you I think he sacred and kinda traumatized because he doesn't want to get arrested by the police again.

Yeah, he's basically saying how the police are corrupt and how they can control the system.

I agree, It good that her family supports her and help her and is the for fonny.

They wanna change his testimony because if they change it they can say ” change your testimony and you will get out of jail or get a shorter sentence.” They just wanna put black people in prison because they're racist.

Maybe because her parent didn't want her to be her anymore after she testified about what she said “Fonny did”

I don't think so I just think he going to talk about Tish and how is he going to take care of his daughter.

I agree with you because parents want their kids to marry somebody with a stable job because they don't their kids to have to suffer.

Because he probably worried that something happens because she came home really late.

Fonny wants to marry tish because he wants Tish to be his and doesn't want her to get another lover.

I think frank get mad when she talks about god because he probably thinking if God exists why is he doing this to his son.

I think when she means ” holy ghost” is how she very religious and like how she gaining weight and scared even with like the spirit of god she can't fight it?

It kinda cute how he asking so many questions about what she want's.

I think this is where she starts to like him more than a friend.


I agree I don't think Fonny parents would agree and help tish with her pregnancy. I think it will cause stress and problems for tish during her pregnancy.

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