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Part Two Of The First Part Last

The First Part Last is a book that will change your opinion of having a baby at a young age and protect yourself from...

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His Daughter Means Everything to Him

The book, the first part last from Angela Johnson might leave a reader feeling interested because what is in this book can happen to...

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Arguments about guns and police

Hands up don't shoot… this will prevent people from making a bad choice in their life, from going to jail. Guns are made...

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Remove Posters

In this world women fight for what is best for them and their family. Some people think that women can't do what a man...

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Protest Sign

In this world, women fight for what is best for them and their families. Some people think that women can't do what a man...

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This image that is in this post is telling us the wrong things.This poster is telling us to put other people's lives in danger...

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My Daily Routine

In  the morning when I wake up I do some exercises to stretch my body. Some people will find this routine or my routine...

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Sports can make your life better

Sport is an activity involving physical skill. It  can be individual or on a team that competes against others for entertainment. Sports can also...

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Why do people move to the United States from the Dominican Republic?

The world is changing fast just like people and that is interesting. People have changed this world in different ways that you can't imagine....

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