• In this world women fight for what is best for them and their family. Some people think that women can’t do what a man can do and they are wrong. The 1920s were a good time for women because it was a roaring

  • In this world, women fight for what is best for them and their families. Some people think that women can’t do what a man can do and they are wrong. The 1920s were a good time for women because it was a roaring

    • Hi Luis, I totally agree that women can do just as much as men. We are learning about the 1920s and reading The Great Gatsby in class right now, and I find flappers particularly interesting. They were really bold and brave to break out of the mold that society put them in, and do what they really wanted to do. I especially liked their choice of fashion, their short dresses and hair were really unique and fun. What did you find most interesting about flappers?

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    This image that is in this post is telling us the wrong things.This poster is telling us to put other people’s lives in danger when you are driving because one wrong mistake on the highway and your soul is in a

  • In  the morning when I wake up I do some exercises to stretch my body. Some people will find this routine or my routine weird because some people in the morning wake up tired and don’t want to do anything. I do

    • Hi Luis, it is great that you have such an organized daily routine. I have a daily routine as well. I find that stretching and doing exercises in the morning is a great way to wake up and not weird at all. It seems like you are quite busy after school. When do you find the time to do your homework and study?

  • Sport is an activity involving physical skill. It  can be individual or on a team that competes against others for entertainment. Sports can also help you in your daily life. For example, doing yoga, playing

  • The world is changing fast just like people and that is interesting. People have changed this world in different ways that you can’t imagine. People move to the United States to make our lives easier in different

    • Dear Luis ,

      I am Intrigued with your post “Why do people move to the United States from the Dominican Republic”. Because in the 3rd paragraph , what you said was really related to me . I also came from the Dominican Republic didn’t know English and had to go to school and learn it . One sentence that you wrote that stands out for me is “.Two weeks later my mother put me in a school named P.S.19 where I started learning English as my second language for the future and to defend myself in a conversation and know what to say back”. I think this is interested because as i said i came from Dominican Republic knowing no English. Another sentence that stands out for me is ” police from DR: they will catch you doing bad but the thing is, if you pay some money to them they leave you alone for some fast cash. In my country not that many people make or have a good future”. This stood out for me because when i went back to DR my brother got pulled over and my brother just gave him $20 Dollars and the cop let us go. Thanks for writing . i look forward to seeing what you write next because i like the way you explained how our country not many people can make it out of there .

    • Luis, I really loved your post about emigration from the Dominican Republic. What sparked my attention and intrigued me the most was when you said, “Many people come to this country to protect their families to have a better life in another place because their country doesn’t have a good president or for the need of food or money”. This statement is what resonated with me the most because although I was born in United States this is exactly why my parents came here from their native country in Latin America. This mass exodus that has taken place through many decades is the result of corruption and lack of resources for the poor in our native countries, thus causing people to flee in order to provide better futures for their families. on that same note, I would like to refer you to an article with statistics about Latin American migration to the United States throughout different time periods:

      Hopefully this can spark new thought and possibly another post from you on this topic.

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