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  • One day I was at school, it was really hot and we were switching classes and I saw a seat empty and the seat was under the fan so I was like oh is hot so I’m seating here so when I was walking to the seat somebody else was walking to the seat as well and we both seat at the same time and we’re arguing because we both wanted the seat.
    Get up I w…Read More

  • When I was in school best friend and I were in math class, and sometimes we needed help because we didn’t know everything. On this specific day, she knew what we were supposed to be doing but I didn’t. I was stressed and getting kind of mad because I didn’t how to do it.

    “I’m going to help you let me finish with my part,” Libni say

    I’ll…Read More

  • Well, hope Is a small word whit a big meaning. In the way I see it, is what makes you believe in others or in yourself. People with dreams have a lot of hope just like Junior. He wants to become a famous cartoonist and make money. Becoming rich and famous Junior reasons will help him to escape the Spokane Indian Reservation.
    For him to be poor…Read More

  • It was at my school that they passed. I studied hard for an exam and I worked hard and in the end I didn’t pass the test

  • take notes on what I have to do so I don’t forget

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