• After reading Love hate and Other Filters, a book written by Samira Ahmed that follows a 17-year-old Muslim girl named Maya Aziz in her senior year of high school. She has traditional parents that dismiss her

    • Hi David! I really enjoyed your post and think your topic is a very important thing that everyone should be more educated about. Your book sounds really interesting, and especially significant considering the times we are in now. In the second paragraph, where you talked about how the FBI doesn’t consider hate necessarily as a crime, was very shocking to me. I wonder to what extent that means because “hate” can be a super vague term but also just as broad. I agree that hate crimes are very prevalent still and people need to be more educated about them in order for us to prevent them. Do you think things will change soon? Overall I think you did a great job writing this essay.

    • Hi David!

      I completely agree with everything you said! It is clear that everything you said are high issues concerning our country, and the points you raised were very valid. Hate crimes are very prevalent, and a lot of the information you provided was relatively shocking. My one addition is that maybe go further in depth on the definition of a hate” crime, and possibly what constitutes it. Heres a link that may help you (https://www.justice.gov/hatecrimes/learn-about-hate-crimes) Your essay was very interesting to read.
      Thank you!

  • American values, cultures, and creed can be interpreted in many different ways by very different people. This is what makes America, America. One thing that is very prevalent in American culture, is the freedoms

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      Hi David, I enjoyed reading your essay and I agree that America struggles with gun control. What makes it so hard is because it is our 2nd amendment to have the right to have a gun. Although I believe that guns can be a necessity to protect one’s self, it is more important to keep the community safe from future harms. According to ProCon.org, “Gun control laws do not deter crime; gun ownership deters crime” The author states that with the rising percentage of people owning guns in America, the crime rate has decreased. I believe this happens because if you are in a city that outlaws guns strictly, the only people who will have guns are criminals(ProCon.org). The community has nothing to protect themselves from if they were threatened. What I am trying to address is that gun control is a very hard aspect to control because so many people believe that you cannot take their right away from them. How do you think the government should approach gun control more effectively?

    • There is a saying that I have heard many times regarding this subject, and I believe it truly makes the point. The saying is: “If you outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have guns.” Because there are so many different ways to obtain a gun, if someone really wants to get one, they are going to find one. Since the statistics all support the finding that the firearms being used in most mass shootings were not registered to the shooter, it is clear that those involved in these horrendous acts of violence are either stealing the guns from others or obtaining them through otherwise unlawful means. This simply illustrates that the current background checks are so full of loopholes that they are ineffective. For instance, private sales between individuals are not subject to requiring a background check. Likewise, if someone burglarizes another person’s home and steals their guns, we can not punish that victim for the bad acts of the burglar. It is a difficult subject which no one has been able to develop a plan which would protect the lawful rights of gun owners, but assure those with unlawful intentions not to have access to the firearms. Perhaps this is a good task for the upcoming generation to tackle by developing “smart gun” technologies that would inhibit the use of guns by anyone other than the registered owner.

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    Hi Nico, I thought your post was interesting and this has been a question I have always asked myself a lot. I think this is an interesting issue. The most surprising part is when you said how many college graduates are out of a job. To most Americans school is the key to success, but is it really? I feel like college is one way to achieve success,…[Read more]

  • Hi Addison, I completely agree with you, it makes me happy to see young people seeking action. The internet has given so many people who previously had practically no voice, the opportunity to share their ideas and provoke people and politicians.

  • Hi Kaitlyn, I enjoyed reading your post. I found it surprising how much the price of college has increased. This post really hit home seeing as though I’ll be attending college in the next few years. Hopefully, one day college will be more affordable and more widely available for people.

  • Hi Stella, I can’t agree with you anymoe, this post really hit home, especially as a student preparing to take these standardized tests. I thought the Chinese proverb was interesting because I’ve never heard it before, but after reading it, it makes so much sense. I think this philosophy should be more widely practiced.

  • Hi Maggie, I like reading your post and i especially like how you talked about both sides of the argument. I think the gun control problem is very complicated and doesn’t just have one simple answer. In my opinion more time should be spent on helping people’s mental health. This would help lessen mass shootings and suicides.

  • Hi Jamie, I agree with you fully, pollution is an enormous problem that can and has had detrimental effects on our environment. I feel like it is a problem that we should talk about more and figure out solutions for. The part about big oil companies giving contributions to political leaders and spending millions on lobbyists. I mean, I guess it…[Read more]

  • Hi Christopher, I liked reading your post and I’m also not really sure what I really like about school or what I want to go to college for, but if you like art you should pursue that. I think it would be an exciting field to get into, although I’m not the most creative person.

  • Hi Heymi, I found your post very interesting, I always wondered what it would be like if I had to go to school somewhere where I wasn’t completely fluent in the language spoken there. I can imagine how big of a challenge this would have been. I’m happy to see that you enjoy writing in English now.

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  • Hi Shahbaz, I enjoyed reading your post about dignity.I agree with you 100%, dignity is one of the most import things people can have, people should be proud of who they are and not be afraid to be themselves.