• Hi Abinaov! I completely agree with your post. Change is not something we have to fear but embrace. We always change so slowing it or stopping could cause major issues for everyone in the future. We only learn if we are able to change what we do.

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    Hi! I love the humor in your post because it happens so often to me.

  • Hi Mary! Your article raises a very true fact. The world needs bees and animals so that nature’s cycle (flower->bee pollinates flower-> flower serves as food to other animals) is very important for humans to stay alive and be able to have the variety off foods and plants that we have.

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    Hi Abdullah, I like your gate essay a lot. You put so much passion into it. It hard to be told that a person can’t do something but they have to be able to see what else there is around you to do. There is always something to do. We just have to be able to try new things.

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    Take some time and relax

    Breath a little and relax

    Go slowly and relax

    Move at your own pace and relax

    Appreciate the view and relax

    Take a big laugh and relax

    Admire the passing of time and relax

    Did I say

  • Geneva is so pretty in spring. It’s the 3rd of May 1998, 7:39 AM and I just want to stay in bed. I really don’t want to go to work. I like most of the people and my work isn’t too bad but I feel so tired. I hav

  • We create anger and violence.

    We use it from time to time.

    We over do it.

    We destroy things that aren’t ours.

    We punch for no good reason.

    We insult just because we don’t understand.


    We aren’t capable to

    • I liked this poem. I do believe that humans create violence for every reason they can think nowadays to get attention sometimes. This was a very powerful poem.

  • Hello Sallie,

    This is very interesting that some young people are living in the streets because of how expensive college is. I wish the government was able or had the will to subsidies college education because currently it is extremely expensive for lots of people. Its probably going to get way worse. It is a good thing that you spread the word…[Read more]

  • Hello Marcus,

    I Find your post really interesting because this happened to you. I feel very sorry for you and hope you will be able to find people who like you. Your message feels very powerful and very personal to you. It really hits the reader in the gut.

    All the best


  • I truly believe that sometimes laziness has it’s benefits and drawbacks. I have no scientific backing for any of this but it’s just from personal experience.

    First I want to explain my personal experience with

    • I completely agree with this article. on the one hand laziness can negatively effect your life in a big way. But can be beneficial if it doesn’t control you. Laziness can make you procrastinate and end up doing more work later. But its always good to relax and not overwork yourself.

    • Luca,
      I 100% agree with this post- I’m commenting past the due date out of laziness so I can totally see where you’re coming from. I have the same methods of dealing with homework that also relate to mental health and I think it’s one subject that hardly gets portrayed when talking about our age group and I like the logic and thought you put in it.

      PS: Is the Nintendo Switch super fun? It looks super fun lol.

  • Hello Juray,

    I agree with you that music helps me relax and makes me focus on my work or whatever I am doing. It’s helpful to have music distract me from the stress from what ever I’m doing. I’m not musically talented so listening to someone else be able to sing or make music that I like makes me feel happy. i know its weird but i like it.


  • Hello Gigi,

    I find it very interesting that people have had benefits from meditating. i have tried it before and never got much from it. I also only did it one time so its probably a process that has to be repeated a few times to get a benefit. Maybe what I was doing also didn’t help. I should have maybe researched the subject before trying it…[Read more]

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    Hi Jordan,

    I also feel what you feel. Stress can be such a barrier to feeling happy. It’s hard to stay happy sometimes and I try to force myself to be happy but I usually end up just not being happy and just don’t talk to people. It is hard sometimes to also find the cause and how to fix it. I have that problem. It’s nice to hear that I’m not the…[Read more]

  • Hi Mary,

    I totally agree that there is a problem with defining definition of “feminism”. I believe that the issue comes from different places. One of the problems is how the message is delivered, second is who was it taught by, and third has to do with timing of when the message is told. All of these different variables ( there are probably more…[Read more]

  • Hello,

    Your article brings up a very important question about the areas (coastal states) who will be most affected by climate change and what they are or are not doing to improve it. This is a very important point to bring up.

  • Hello Maddie,

    I find you article very interesting about Phil Borges. His style of photography is very interesting. It seems very unique and impressive art style. It is impressive the extend at which you can take photography so well and use cameras to create these interesting effects with the background and foreground.

  • Dear Valeria,

    I’m sorry to hear that you are dropping out. I honestly wish you all the best in all your future endeavors. I hope you will be able to teach younger students to not do bad choices. Tell them that it is important to stay focused on the work they have to do. It does not mean they can’t have fun as well but that to succeed in our…[Read more]

  • This subject is very important and the world is very ignorant too such issues. Maybe because they don’t consider it very important but it is extremely important. The world has to realise that if bees die off. We wont have access to the abundance of foods that we have.

  • Over time the voice inside of me has evolved and has become more mature. I think more before I speak. I am also more patient with people then I used to be. I still have a way to go but otherwise. When I was

    • I really liked how you tied in the personal stories. I think you did a good job of highlighting this, and I feel that strong writers tend to work their own experiences into their pieces. How do you think patience is going to continue affecting your life? Do you think you will continue to get more patient and understanding as you grow older?

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