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    Epic (awesome name by the way), I think that being a video game designer would be an amazing job, and it’s awesome that your’e pursuing it. I game a little myself, and I am always impressed with the graphics and design. It’s a job where your work would be visible to millions of people, something that can’t be said about most jobs. It’s cool that…[Read more]

  • Sofia, I think you are absolutely correct in that as a state we are shifting away from being a mostly Mormon, conservative people. I definitely agree that the most of the people I interact with tend to be liberal, even if they are Mormon. While it doesn’t seem likely that Utah will ever be a state that votes towards the liberal side, I think the…[Read more]

  • Language is one of the fundamental attributes that makes us human. No other species has a means of communication as elaborate or as prevalent as human language. However, language is more than just what we use to

  • Rachel, I totally agree with your analysis. I think that America is in one of the worst states it has ever been in, especially in the last six months. Our president seems to only perpetuate the issues, and he merely gives his opinions on what happens rather than doing anything about it. I liked how you said “as role models, it is important for our…[Read more]

  • Issa, this a fantastic project, especially because you have focused on the issue in a particular country. I think women’s education is such a big issue that it can be difficult to cover all the points, and so you’ll really be able to get a full scope by focusing on one location. I like how you gave specific numbers, because it makes your case much…[Read more]

  • Javier, this topic is one of the most pressing issues in our society today. It is so difficult for most people to get out of poverty, and most of the time it’s something they were born into. People have no escape, so they often turn to the one thing that gives them a way out: crime. However, this often leads to incarceration, which makes their…[Read more]

  • I think that this is a massive issue in our society today, and I’m glad you are researching it. One thing I think you would be interested in is the iat (https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/takeatest.html), a test that determines a person’s racial prejudice. I also think you would enjoy Psychology Today’s view on racism.…[Read more]

  • Tyler, I feel exactly the same way. I too am driven to learn more about the world, even if the knowledge has no relevance at all in my life. One of my favorite things to do is to explore the outdoors. I pick a trail, and then just follow it to find wherever it goes. It’s a literal portrayal of the quest for knowledge. No matter how far you go…[Read more]

  • Maggie, this is an awesome post and definitely something that I have thought about as well. I love the idea of an infinite number of universes where just about anything is possible. What if we each are living in our own world, and all the different universes are just each person’s perception of the one they live in. I like the stuff you said about…[Read more]

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    One of science’s most debated topics is why we dream. There are several different possibilities as to why we dream. Psychology Today offers some of the leading theories: “Some scientists posit that dreaming has no

    • Logan, I enjoyed reading your discussion on dreaming. It’s a really interesting topic since almost everyone has this happen to them, yet no one really understands how it works. In my experience, I have a few dreams that I remember very well, even though I dreamed them possibly more than 10 years ago. I thought your information from Psychology Today was very interesting, including its theories on whether or not dreaming has a purpose. This reminded me of this article http://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/guide/dreaming-overview#1 from webmd.com. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because this was very interesting to read.

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