• Cats can be so smart. It was a cold, winter day. It was after school and I was walking up the stairs of my mom’s house on the way to my bedroom. Everything was normal, until I turned the corner at the top of the s

    • Hi Brandon, your post was very entertaining to read! I can really see how much you love your cat and I admire that. I believe that domesticated pets do have emotions towards their human owners which is astounding because there must be a similarity in humans’ and pets’ brains. This reminds me of the dog in Japan who waited for his owner at a train station every day for years after the owner had died. Pets and humans have a loving connection that sometimes is more powerful than human to human connection. I look forward to your next posts!

    • Brandon, I love your post. Cats are very inquisitive animals and it’s so sad that they get such a bad reputation sometimes. I have a cat as well and he always drags blankets around the house, and I’ve always wondered why. I think your post really gives me an answer. I also really liked how you took me through your thoughts and vividly described the scenario. I was able to perfectly picture the scene. Here is an article that talks about the loyalty of cats, I think it’s very fascinating. https://www.petcentric.com/articles/breeds/loyalty-day-are-cats-as-loyal-as-dogs
      Thanks for sharing,

    • Brandon,
      this was truly an incredible post and I enjoyed reading every part of it. Batman sounds so sweet and awesome! Anyway, I also have a cat, and I am almost a hundred percent positive that she is smarter and much more intelligent than any other member of my family. She does the kind of stuff that you mentioned in your post all the time. Well done!

  • Nice reflection. I also had trouble figuring out how to start my research essay, so I can relate

  • Wow Joseph this is such a beautiful poem. Your last sentence is so detailed

  • Bird, if you go outside and fly in the wind,

    You will toss and tumble straight to the ground,

    You cannot soar through the gusts, you’re not profound,

    You will be blown to the earth and to the earth y

    • Brandon, this was a really good poem. I think it was brilliant playing off of Coatsworth’s concept of a pet and owner dialogue. I especially like how you used the phrase “you will toss and tumble straight to the ground.” I look forward to seeing more of your poems.

    • Brandon, I really enjoyed the use of two voices in this poem where I could see them directly contrasting against one another, but I could relate to each argument and see the points made by both speakers. It was a unique reading experience to see both sides of a discussion and to connect to both of the voices who expressed such strong beliefs.

  • Seasons greetings! I was just wondering if any of you would be willing to leave some feedback on what you think about hate crime laws. I just got done writing my research paper on the topic and I’m interested if I

    • Hate crimes are caused by a person or group’s intolerance for another’s differences, but differences are what make the world exciting, special, and inspiring. The existence of these wrongdoings is proof that some individuals are close-minded, self-centered, and in need of more extensive education. Laws to protect people’s differences are definitely necessary.

  • I have always believed that passing laws against hate speech—as long as the speech does not threaten anyone—is wrong because freedom of speech is a fundamental right of ours granted to us by the Constitution. I w

  • An important topic I need to address is hate crimes. Demonstrating my beliefs on hate crimes is important because it is something that relates to all of us since we all have the right to free speech and

  • Hi, I enjoyed reading this information on net neutrality and your position on it. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but this article gave me a lot of background information on the subject

  • The famous quote of Colin Kaepernick is, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” He’s saying he won’t show pride for the flag for the country, which in turn implies he will not show pride for the country. Not showing pride for our country is not patriotic. If Colin…[Read more]

  • Hi Sara,
    I disagree that more gun control is the answer. I personally believe that the hotel that the Las Vegas shooter was staying at should have had better security. I also believe that schools should have staff who are armed to help prevent mass school shootings. I’m also confused what you’re proposing here, do you feel we just need more gun…[Read more]

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    It’s great that you’re talking about something that is concerning. Your diction was very professional. I think lobbying in and of itself is okay, but I agree that greed should never outweigh human health.

  • We all love our country. One of the ways we show this is by standing for the American flag with our right hand over our heart whenever we hear the national anthem. Kneeling for the national anthem is not an

    • Very interesting take on how kneeling is focused towards Trump rather than the past reasons stated.

    • Brandon,
      I was intrigued reading your argument seeing I have a different stance on it than you. I appreciate everything you said and you brought up something I have not read in this common argument, that football is not supposed to divide us but bring us together in a form of entertainment. I do agree with this but not with the fact that because some people do not enjoy football anymore because of this, players should stop doing it. The original reason for kneeling specifically was to symbolize praying for our country. When they are kneeling it is not disrespectful, but a want to bring attention to the issues going on in our government today. I agree that sitting or not bring present during the anthem is disrespectful to those who served our country.

    • The famous quote of Colin Kaepernick is, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” He’s saying he won’t show pride for the flag for the country, which in turn implies he will not show pride for the country. Not showing pride for our country is not patriotic. If Colin Kaepernick deeply does have pride for this country, the wording of that specific quote isn’t clearly demonstrating that to me.

  • My favorite word is pilot. It signifies my passion. I love how the consonants and vowels are in a perfect pattern. It reminds me of flying high through the air. It reminds me of having my hands on the control

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