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    Dear Parents,

                I am
    writing to promote girl gamers!

                Game Lab
    has been a wonderful growth experience for my daughter.  She started attending as young as 6 and a
    half, and even at th

    • This is great, Leah! Your appreciation for GameLab shines through clearly, and your request comes across as completely reasonable and fair. Good for you for standing up for all of our children – because it’s important for boys to not think that “lords” means everyone, either.

  • Dear Celia:
    I am so impressed by your poem because it is so clearly communicated and honest.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “Is it really up to teenage girls/To stick out their necks/To ask that teachers teach their students/That girls deserve respect?” This stood out for me because I am a teacher, so I am the intended audience…[Read more]

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