• For this collaboration piece my group decided to make an Instagram Account to showcase how we felt about our topic as well as some information from our research on this topic. Jasmine, Mary and I have really tried

  • Hi Evan,
    I agree too that way Japan is doing school lunches could definitely help with the issue of school lunches in America. This is the way to go in american schools because most kids are unaware of the effects certain foods have on their bodies. I think that with nutritional education and healthier lunch it could definitely benefit the lives…[Read more]

  • Hi Melaina,
    I think this topic is very important to discuss. I think you did a great job pulling out notes in your annotations. Sex trafficking a serious topics and many people are not able to find the signs of harm when just walking down the street or going over to a guy friends house. I think you were able to pull out things that will allow…[Read more]

  • I am working in collaboratively with a group to annotate some pieces about how college tuition has major effects on students. We have found some very good articles and information to back up are belief which is

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    Hi Jordan, I agree that Mark Twain was not racist he was just trying to give context to the time and how african americans were addressed. Twain allowed his readers be exposed to the real reality of how African Americans were treated. I think that it is better to show the audience the truth instead of just hiding the real facts. Do you think it…[Read more]

  • Hi Mary, This is a great I definitely think that Huck has grown from the beginning of the book and he has learned through his journey what wrong and right is. Huck really showed that he has good intention for what he is doing he may not have recieved good morals at a young age but he was truly able to gain them through his journey to freedom.I…[Read more]

  • Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is a great example of a book who uses dialect to show differences between language in different time periods and regions. The dialect in the novel allows readers to be pulled in deep

  • Hi Jasmine,
    I totally agree that college should be free because education is how the world operates in oder to do jobs. It is hard to pay for college because the costs are extremely outrageous and should be something that should addressed all over the world. If college costs are reduced or eliminated the world will start to become disorganized…[Read more]

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    Hi Dinakar,
    I think that this topic should definitely be addressed and should be something that thriving countries try invest in. It is important to help out countries that are struggling so the world can live at piece and everyone can live a life happiness. A goal of mine is to take a trip to third world countries. I want help build…[Read more]

  • I care about free college education because without college my dreams of becoming a daycare owner may never be possible. This topic is very valid today because college tuition is extremely high and is just

  • Hi Cole, This is a great essay. I agree that family is one of the most important things in life because they help you through everything. The sacrifice that families make for each other is not countable but it makes a great impact on our lives and our futures.

  • I agree throughout the book so far Huck has been experiencing loneliness. Just like in Chapter eight where he was sitting around the campfire he realized that he was very lonely and wanted to try to do something about it.

  • Hi Hadley,
    I agree the Grangerford’s are good people but they are living a very messed up life.They are in this feud which has no reason what so ever but they are very good people to Huck. I think that this topic should really be looked at because the Grangerford’s have two different sides to them a very nice side and an evil side.

  • In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn one of the main characters Huck is going through one of the most tough journeys in his life he is trying to escape slavery. In a excerpt from the book he he is experiencing

    • I really like the quote from the book you chose to analyse. I also appreciate the connection you made to how even small actions reflect how lonely Huck is.

    • I completely agree with how you connected the quote to a relevant topic. It is very well thought out, good job!

  • Discovery has been a very influential part of my life. Discovery is the process in which you are able to see something new or obtain knowledge for the first time and can influence every part of your life. For

    • Lauryn,
      I too am a big fan of discovery, and it saddens me that I don’t have much time to do it I love traveling, and wandering in the places I travel to. I don’t ever feel that I need a tour guide, because I love to just walk and wander, discovering new places along the way. Part of my love of dis cover is my lover for climbing, and all the new experiences it can bring. I also feel that discovery is what has fueled human growth, as we are ever hungry for more and that pushes us to the limits of what we can accomplish. Thank you for your work, as it truly made it think about what discovery really pushes us to.

    • I very much enjoyed our piece on discovery. This is a very well thought out piece that made me ponder on some of the comments you brought up. I too would like to travel the world someday. This piece was very spot on because someones choices and decisions they make through out life effect who they grow up to be and they do this through discovery of themselves and people around them.

  • Hey Jasmine its Lauryn your secret writing pal,

    I think your post is a very important topic to talk about. Police brutality has been something that has been a huge isssue recently and it is extremely disappointing thing. Many people in the world are starting to fear for their life when they need or get stopped by the police. I think this isssue…[Read more]

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  • I think that friendship is a very important word in many peoples lives because friends are people who are there for you through everything. Having friends are extremely important to me but friends are not always forever. I think that you bring up a valid point that friendships are a special bond that can last forever or can end in an instant. Most…[Read more]

  • In our lives as an American we all have the right to an education. I think that we all should also be able to attend higher education at a lower expense. I believe this because many colleges have started to raise

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