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  • I really like your article and it’s so important to discuss about this topic. Yes some think that restricting people will help, in reality it does exactly the opposite. I liked your plan of action to help prevent more abortions it is very planned out and detailed.

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    Domestic Violence: Pandemic Within a Pandemic

     As we talked about in an earlier post, we stated that domestic violence was becoming a pandemic within a pandemic. Sadly abusive relationships got worse by not letting the victims leave their abusers because of Covid. Due to COVID,...

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    • Dear Lluvia

      I am worried by your post “ Continued: Pandemic within a Pandemic” because I can only imagine the abuse these people have to endure during this time and it kinda feels like a lose lose situation because if we don’t have restrictions on movement the virus will get worse but if we do have restrictions on movement then domestic abuse cases get worse.And I feel like if people would have followed the regulations from the beginning then maybe we wouldn’t still have so many restrictions and we could better help people in these domestic abuse cases

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “for COVID to pass quickly so the women, children, and men as well can move forward with their lives to stop the abusive cycle they live in” I agree with this because as you said I’m hoping the vaccine will be the answer to stop the abuse but I believe that alone won’t end it , maybe funding more domestic abuse organizations or placing laws/acts to better protect domestic abuse victims , can help avoid these cases from happening or getting worse .

      Another sentence that I agreed with was: “Like I said before what we could be doing to help this is by wearing our masks, taking the vaccine, and taking nutrition fortifying everyone’s health.” This can definitely help get past the virus quicker in order to better provide help for these cases

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I like the fact that you brought up the effects the pandemic caused that wasn’t just virus related

  • I really liked the information you had and how clear you were. Social media has lessened teens view about themselves and led many to believe they are not pretty just because they don’t look like a celebrity. Online platforms are responsible for what is being fed to many teens. I liked your points.

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    Domestic Abuse: Pandemic within a Pandemic

    Some people know domestic abuse as something daily or regular in their lives and others who have never experienced it. However, even if a person has not experienced first hand they should care about all the victims and try...

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    • Hi, Lluvia, I agree with your post of how we much spread awareness of this issue and work towards helping each other out. Either that being changing the negative culture revolving around seeking help, or just wearing a mask in public to be able to stop the virus. “Sadly many of these crises are set to become much more frequent”, this phrase made me think of the more people that are getting abused daily that we still don’t know about. The stats show increase in domestic abuse, and we still don’t have a concrete plan for the future.

    • Hello Lluvia, I really like your post and how it spreads awareness on this issue. Some people are not aware of what it is like to have to endure this kind of abuse and we should be doing more to spread awareness and help those who need it. I agree with your statement, “If we as a society normalized the idea of getting help as a positive thing instead of a negative there would be more people reaching out.” Normalizing the idea of getting help can possibly create an impact and encourage others to seek help. Thank you for sharing and spreading awareness.
      – Wendy

    • Hello, Lluvia,
      I appreciate the angle you took in your post in respect to domestic violence in the midst of the pandemic chaos that’s been plaguing the world. Deserving much more attention than it’s given, the issue is of even more urgent concern as our country seeks healing in isolation. I agree with you when you say, “ this pandemic has shown how much work needs to be done to ensure that domestic abuse victims have access to support, refuge, and medical care,” for in looking to remedy one disease, we’ve fed another, and contributed to its damage in failing to properly acknowledge its direct connection to Covid-19. Thank you for the message you’ve shared here, and I look forward to your future posts.

      Sincerely, Hannah

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    Empathy and Understanding

    The danger of a single story taught me how only telling one side of the story can affect how we think or perceive someone or something. An example from a single story would be when Adichie’s roommate asked her...

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