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    Luvly commented on the post, This Is My Body

    i was first drawn to the women on the cover, then I became hooked from the title. Your poem beautifully celebrates the importance of self-love and body positivity. This is something that I strive to accomplish myself, and I believe that this poem will open the eyes of every woman who is feeling down and needs a reminder that what they have is theirs.

  • Well done Victoria, Your speech as Nana Carter, effectively highlighted the urgency of addressing racial injustices within the criminal justice system and calls for meaningful action from both national and international bodies. With some additional detail and exploration of potential solutions, it has the potential to inspire meaningful dialogue…Read More

  • WOW, Samani you outdone yourself with this piece. Your essay effectively communicates your belief in the importance of fairness and equality for all individuals, regardless of race.With some additional context and exploration of potential solutions, it has the potential to inspire meaningful dialogue and action towards addressing systemic racism…Read More

  • Nuria, you never fail to amaze me! You capture the traffic in Atlanta beautifully that is one of the reasons why it has drawn me to your article. Your essay effectively engages with Kruse’s analysis and offers valuable insights into the connections between transportation infrastructure, urban planning, and racial segregation in American cities.…Read More

  • Okayyy Somaia, you effectively explore the impact of racial segregation and unfair urban planning decisions on both cities’ landscapes and communities. Your essay provides a comprehensive overview of the historical context and ongoing challenges related to systemic racism in urban development, drawing parallels between Atlanta and Philadelphia.…Read More

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