• Dear Sage,
    I’m liz I just want to say home much I enjoyed reading your experiences with language. I wish my mom would be a french teacher. I feel like knowing more than one language is a privilege because you get to communicate with people from around the world. I also feel it’s a challenge, but after you complete it you feel proud because you…[Read more]

  • Dear Ben Brown, I am liz from Life Academy and I just wanted to say that I couldn’t agree with you more your article is very strong, I love how you used the example of Colin Kaepernick. That is a very clear statement and I loved how you said it’s bigger than football. It really is there are innocent people are dying because the police are not…[Read more]

  • Artist Statement     

    Lizbet Gabriel

    Many people assume Mexican people are criminals and rapist, my counter narrative is that not all Mexican people are criminals. I grew up with a sweet loving Mexican mom

    • Dear Liz,
      I found your box to be very interesting. I thought your creation of all the flowers made your box more colorful and it made it stand out more. It was very creative. Overall, I thought your box is very creative and well done.

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    Dear Dynasty: I am interested in your letter about how racist people can be because I’ve had experiences like that but i’m hispanic and I believe a lot of white people think they have power to treat us unfairly and judge us. I think what they said about your brother and you was very disrespectful and I can’t imagine how you must of felt. I am…[Read more]

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    • Hey my name is pedro,san juan and am writing from fremont high school in oakland ca and i see that u like makeup and like patting and i think that great for a girl to do but also focus on your education thanks for taking your time for reading this

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