• Dear Natalie

    I honestly agree with you: it is true that immigrants don’t have a lot of opportunities as other people have. Both of my parents are immigrants too. They always have worked their entire life, so that me and my siblings are not missing nothing in our life. They don’t get pay that much because they are immigrants and they do not…[Read more]

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    Becoming a nurse is my career goal, specifically I would like to be a pediatric nurse because I like children. Some things that I know that you need for sure to be able to be a nurse is that you need to have your

  • Dear Karla

    I really like your bio. I think your story is nice because a lot of kids who only have one parent may have a hard time getting through school.I live in Texas my whole live I wonder how i would be in NY.

  • Hi my name is Lizeth. I am at school right now and my goal is to graduate, but it is not that easy having two kids. I was born in Mexico. I have two important things that have happened to me. They were when I

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