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    Petting Animals

    In the article, “No Petting” I learned that no matter how adorable a dog is you should not pet it, because a dog can snap even with no provocation. A family with a brussels griffon dog attracts a lot...

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  • Dear Rosa
    I really like your post, “What do you think about robot creatures,” because it is interesting in how much technology the U.S uses it to make these robots. I also think that when making these robots they should take them to the opción to find out more about and to see new creatures people never seen before. Although, you mention that…Read More

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    What do you think when people talk about race ?

    When people talk about race sometimes it may not be a good idea because some people may get offended if someone would to say something that they think is not offensive but the other person will think different. In...

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    • Dear Lizbeth:
      I was very intrigued by your post, “What do you think when people talk about race” because I like that you are interested about these topics and also how open you are to talking about this situation. I think it’s interesting how many people try to avoid making conversation about these types of situations. When in reality people should try to talk about these situations more to be able to understand both perspectives. Talking about these situations can help people come back together and help get equality. I also agree with you that parents should teach their kids when they are young that everyone is the same no matter their skin color. This would help kids learn that everyone looks different and no matter how they look they are still human, and should be treated equally. Thank you for writing. I am looking forward to see what you write about next.

  • Dear Rosa
    I am interested in your post ¨ movie popcorn at home because its a topic i wouldn’t have thought of it.I believe that doing popcorn at home is way better because like that you can save money and not waste money just for one bag of it. I also think that when people eat at home popcorn it’s way better than eating it in the theater…Read More



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