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Hawaii’s Lava Waterfall View Comment
  • @Litzy
  • November 14, 2020

Dear Rosa, I was very intrigued by your post "Hawaii's Lava Waterfalls" because I did not know how helpful a volcano can be for the marine life. The fact that these volcanoes help the marine life even at the degrees the lava is , amazes me. Although the...

Dear Rosa, I really like how you mentioned the high cost of straws but the long term effect they put on the earth. Since they are used so much each day this means that of course there is a mass production of straws. Pollution on earth increases and it...

Dear Fatima, I was very intrigued by your post "Is a smartphone affecting us" because this is a topic young people try to avoid including myself. Many older people believe phones are affecting the younger generation because of how society is now. Although, phones may be a great source and...

Titanic II View Comment
  • @Litzy
  • October 16, 2020

Dear Cristina, Your post about Titanic II intrigued me because it's a topic not many talk about and mention. It is crazy to me how they would want to create another boat like this. If it was a fail once why try again. Although it has many new innovations...

Dear Melissa, I was very intrigued by your post " The Dangers of California Wildfires" because I did not actually know how bad these fires were. These wildfires have caused so much damage not only to the people and their homes but the animals that live in these places....

A Dish from My Culture View Comment
  • @Litzy
  • September 16, 2020

Dear Fatoumata, I am very intrigued about your post "A DIsh from My Culture" because hearing how much love you have for your culture is very genuine. I really like learning about new cultures and I felt like your culture seemed so nice the way you all show your...

Could there be a cure soon? View Comment
  • @Litzy
  • September 16, 2020

Dear Diana, I was very intrigued by your post about a vaccine for COVID-19. I agree with you that by a vaccine getting created it would change the world drastically. It would let us humans go back to normal without having to use masks and businesses being able to...

Dear Rosa, I am very intrigued by your post because I never thought scientists would want humans in mars. I agree with you that humans going to mars is such a bad idea, it's very dangerous. Although humans going could accomplish their main focus and look for what exactly they...

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