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To Bi or Not to Bi: Exploring Bisexual Representation in Media

As the population of individuals who identify as LGBT in the US rises, hitting a record 4.5% (Newport), we must carefully consider how we represent those people in media. Even while representation improves, there are always certain groups who get treated with less nuance and end up with a smaller portion of the spotlight. Bisexuals are one such group. It […]

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How to get books into the hands of the people during COVID (Solutions U)

The pandemic has greatly affected the ways we go about our daily business, most notably by turning large crowded areas into places to catch COVID-19 and thus limiting our interaction with the outside world and each other. This caused problems for various institutions and businesses, including libraries. This kind of space is harder to keep clean and safe, so, many […]

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How I Approach Pairing For Our Literary Magazine

Making pairs is an art form in its own right and takes at least a basic understanding of more than one form of creative media. One must look critically at the themes that are present with both pieces and assess the way that the works approach those themes to match them effectively. In Catharsis, we generally try to pair an […]

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True Crime in Relation to Positive Mental Health and the Justice System

While I have never truly understood the love that people have for serial killer media, in both my friend group and at home, I am surrounded by avid fans of the true-crime genre. These explorations of violent transgressions against other people prompted me to consider the possible drawbacks and effects that this genre can have on people. I previously discussed […]

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True Crime and Compassion

The obsession with true crime and serial killers is prevalent, especially amongst women. I mean who doesn’t want to watch Zac Effron portray Ted Bundy as a “smoldering and scheming” murderer and rapist of, at the very least, 30 people? That is certainly one question you can ask about this topic, but I prefer a different one. Namely, does the […]

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