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    Hello Salvador,
    Thank you for showing your memoir comic. It helps understand Family Dynamic, of how although brothers may have problems, they must stick together because they are family. It also shows the lense of love, that although you and your brothers argue, at the end of the day the love that you have is greater than any anger towards them.…[Read more]

    • Dear Lis,
      I really enjoyed reading your comic. I can really see how much love you have for your brother. After reading your comic I was able to realize that family is important to you. I liked how added graphic weight on one of your panels. I was able to understand what was going on because of the graphic weight. Look forward to seeing more of your work !

    • Awww this comic made me really sad because of how much you can tell that you missed your brother being away from you. I can connect with your story because I don’t have my brother with me even though he’s closer… it sucks and I do miss him. I like how you explained to us that you had a blast with him and that’s awesome to hear.

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    Dear Jocelin,
    Thank you for doing to this comic memoir about your family. For doing a comic that may not been easy to write about, but you still did. Shows the courage that you have, and the amount of respect that you have for your mother, such a beautiful bond. Thank you for doing this comic memoir I really did enjoy reading it, and seeing your…[Read more]

  • Dear Andrea,
    Thank you for writing, about something that may have not been easy especially in a cite that is public. You have the courage to write about something like this and being comfortable with it really does show how amazing and the courage that you have to write. I am looking forward to reading more of your work. Thank you for being an…[Read more]


    What matters to me the most are my nephews and nieces, because I feel the need to be a role model to them. If it wasn’t for them I probably would have not came back to school after I dropped out my sophomore ye

    • Dear LIs,
      I appreciate the time you took to write about your family. While reading your memoir piece I had a clear understanding of how much your nephew and nieces mean to you. What stood out to me is how you reflected the type of person you are and how you want your nephew and nieces to see you as. Thank you for writing this memoir about your family.

    • Dear Lis,
      I really like how you show us the love that you have for your nephews and nieces. I love the part where you talk about how you try to be a role model for them and that they motivate you to keep going because motivation is a key to success. I love how you also talked about how your brothers struggled but still made it because it can give your audience a sense of hope to keep going even if they are struggling.

    • Dear Lis,
      The love that you have for your nephews and nieces is so beautiful. They are your motivation to continue with struggles that come up. I’m hella happy that you are the strong mujer I know, and that will be graduating with me! Thank you for writing a piece that really stood out. Hella xingona!

  • Dear Paola,
    I really liked that you talked about such a strong and important topic, especially now with everything that has been happening. I really appreciate that you provided quotes too prove you thesis, and have such a strong conclusion. Thanks again for writing this, hope to read more of your work soon.

  • Hey Francisco,
    This is just a great poem. This really does describe the relationship that they have. And although your poem explains love, it really explains the difficult things that come a part with love. You really summarized the book very well. Thanks for writing this poem. Looking forward to read more of your work.

  • Hey arely,

    Thank you for writing about something that probably wasn’t easy to write about. Thanks for expressing yourself and being real about it. Shows how much courage you have because it is hard to people to talk about stuff like this but you did it. Hope too see more of your work soon, really enjoyed reading this poem. Also explains what t…[Read more]

  • Such a wonderful poem Andrea. While reading this poem it really does describe the person that you are. This poem really does define the person that you are. Being caring is honestly who you are. Great characteristic that describes you.Thanks for writing this poem, looking forward to read more of your stuff.

  • Thanks for writing about something that may not be easy, and allowing people to see this.
    You can really tell by your writing that you are independent. Such a great poem, and really does describe your characteristic as a strong person. Thanks again for writing this amazing poem. Hope to see more of your writing soon.

  • Thanks for writing this Lisseth,
    This was such a powerful poem, that I can really relate too. The world needs to read this piece because it is really something powerful. Although it’s about women I am so glad that you talk about men, how their is so much machismo in this world. Thanks once again for writing, I really do love this poem. Can’t wait…[Read more]

  • Why I’m Me As Hell


    Im me as as hell because I couldn’t find a characteristics to describe me

    That’s why I’m me as hell

    Because I’m unique


    Because I hold grudges

    I don’t tolerate shit

    • Dear Lis,
      I like your poem because its different from the other poems. I like how you decided to be unique with it and be straight up and talk about how your personality is. You were really honest in this poem and that really shows how you are.

    • Dear Lis,

      I really like your memoir because you describe the many things you are. You are nice, rude, selfish, and many more, but overall you are you! One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is, “I’m me as hell because I am Lis. Because I like being Lis.” I like how you brought it the nickname you like, the name you actually like to go by. You are proud to represent your name in a unique way. I also like how you wrote a tiny explanation on who you’re mean and nice to because then people have an idea of who you are. Thanks for your memoir, I hope to see more of your work.

      -Yahaira C.

    • Dear Lis,
      While reading your poem many things stood out to me. I liked how your described the type of person you are, you described yourself in a very unique way. You clearly stated how you felt like no characteristic can really fit you and that was eye opening and important. By talking about how you are “Me as hell” really made a clear understanding of why you think that a characteristic can’t describe you. This poem really describes you in many ways. Loved it !

    • Dear Lis,
      I love this poem because this was totally so you! This poem was very different, unique, and just nice. For some reason, this poem stood out to me from the others that I have read because you talk about yourself in a way that you don’t sound ashamed of yourself whatsoever which I love. I love how you talk about how independent you are because that represents a lot of us girls. If you can do it without anyone’s help, I can do it and any girl can.

  • Hey Andrea,
    Thank you for sharing such a powerful story about your name. It even made me connect to your middle name, due to also believing in the virgin mary. I would love to hear more about how you connect to your first name more. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading this piece.

  • Hey partner,
    Thanks for sharing your story about your name. Good job, on expressing your name very well even though it is a “random chosen name”, you bring the real meaning to it. Really love this memoir. Write more, cause I enjoy reading pieces by you.

  • My complete, full name is Lisette Aguilar Valencia.

    My first name Lisette, was chosen by my father.

    During my birth, I was born at just seven months, so since both my mother and I were going to die, my father

    • Hi Lis,
      Thank you for sharing your work with us. I appreciate the strength you had to write something personal that you don’t have a positive relationship to. Life doesn’t always result the way we would like to, but we just have 4o live with it. I’m glad that you found a name that you can actually connect to.

      Hope to see more of your work soon!



    • Hi, I loved reading your post and learning about your relationship to your name. We both have similarities when it comes to talking about our last names.

    • Dear Lis,
      I am surprised with your post. I am thankful that you share how you actually feel about your name. All of your post stands out to me because it is really interesting. I think your writing is great. Your post made me think of what my name means to me. Now you got me thinking of what my name really means to me. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next.

    • Dear Lis,

      I found your memoir really interesting and I could relate to you in some way. I also have a name that I rather be called than me actual name. It’s pretty cool that you take names with meaning like your first name and your last name. A line that I really liked was “I don’t feel like I’m disrespecting my real name since Lis, is the first three letters of my actual name. I just feel much better when I am called Lis”. I really liked that line because I can relate to it because my name is Jennifer but I like to be called Jenny and I’m still using some of the letters from my original name for my nickname. Another line that I also really liked was “I don´t ever refer to my last name as Valencia, just because I don’t relate to it. I´ve only met like one person from my moms side of the family”. I also never met the anyone from my mom’s side even though I have met my dad’s side but only one so I understand how to feels to not have any memories with the rest of your family. I can’t wait to see what you write next!

      Sincerely, Jennifer

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