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    i agree that students should have the freedom to wear what they want as long as it follows dress code policies.

  • I think this is a great solution, as a biker the bike paths and bicycle friendly streets are very helpful!

  • We wanted to write a blog post on the topic of the Australian Bush fires, which were in the news a while ago but are still going on. This topic relates to the California wildfires, which while not on the same

    • Hey Lior! I thought your article was informative and interesting! I had no idea about the Indian Ocean Dipole and thought you did a great job of explaining it. I like your prescriptive on the idea that we will have to wait until the fires stop to truly understand what to do next. I found an article showing the effects the fires already have on Australia I hope you enjoy it! https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-50951043

    • Hi Lior,
      This was super interesting article. The notes about the Australian economy being dependent on coal mining as well as sales are really interesting because not many people realize that. I also really enjoyed learning about the Dipole, which I had not previously known much about. I would love to hear more about the economic consequences of these bushfires, as not many people are covering that.

      -erica s

    • There is a very troubling problem when it comes to climate change all over the globe. We are seeing wildfires happen every single year around the world whether they are in California or Australia. Some scientists may say it’s too late to reverse these effects, but with better environmental practices we can try to return our climate back to normal. The extreme droughts which have been causing these bush fires are from man-made practices and abuse of every day life (carbon use).

    • hi Lior, I thought this article was very informative and well thought out. I thought you did a fantastic job of explaining whats going on with only secondhand information.

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