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    Women's rights

    In the article, “A Century-Long Battle Over The Equal Rights Amendment” (BTW) I learned that the 1964 Civil Rights Act but as stated in the article not all their rights were guaranteed. We also discover that in 1923 the...

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  • Dear Jeramiah, 

    I disagree with your opinion as I believe that abortion should be legal as it allows the woman to safely abort the fetus. Additionally, I do not consider it murder as they are aborting a fetus and it is not alive and is legal in the first trimester of pregnancy. There may be cases in which they are not financially stable to take…Read More

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    Dear Emily: 

    I am not necessarily shocked or surprised that women are forced by society to shave or wax the hair on their bodies as it has become normalized for people to think that women need to shave in order to be attractive or seem more feminine. It is unfortunate that people, especially men and a few women, have double standards as they…Read More

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    The Furor Over Facebook

    In the article, “The Furor Over Facebook” (Upfront) I learned that social media is harming the mental health of several people, especially teenagers. It makes them feel worse about themselves and further puts them in a negative mindset such...

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  • Dear Isaiah:

    I am shocked by your post, “The Presence Of Discrimination and Racism In Society…” because it is disappointing to see how many people are still being discriminated against due to the color of their skin and their gender. It is frankly heartbreaking to see that people with a prison record are more likely to be hired than women or m…Read More

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Women’s rights

The Furor Over Facebook

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